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January 26, 2011

I'm alive!!!

Firstly, I want to say thanks to everybody for the kind words, comments, emails, texts, facebook etc... It's so sweet and I really felt pretty dang good despite the physical pain knowing I had so many people out there sending me good thoughts.

Oddly, I was pretty excited for the surgery for the fibroid and cyst removal. I think knowing I was going to get Freddie and Bert out, was a big deal to me. I was confident in my Dr's abilities and knew that even my worst case outcome was still not an awful one. I kept the faith... so to speak.

We arrived at the hospital about 10am. After checking me into admissions, we headed to the surgical waiting area.
My snazzy admissions bracelet. Personal info blacked out LOL
We weren't there too long before they had me in a room, took my vitals and had me undressed into a hospital gown and some pretty cool socks .
Here I am... The husband didn't know I was taking a pic, so he's mid-sentence ... and my snazzy socks.
Before long, they had an IV catheter in my arm, antibiodics pumping through. The surgery before mine ended early, so I was on the table about 1230. I came to about 1:50. Fought to fight the grogginess. Just wanted to use the bathroom.

Then they put me in a special waiting area and when I went to the bathroom and returned, there was no bed - just my chair. They wanted me upright and brought me juice. Before I knew it, the Husband was with me and we were just chillin'. The juice was sweet, so i asked for some water - probably not a great idea. It made me nauseous. I was ready to go home... but i was groggy and nauseous.

The nurse recommended I try to throw up b/c i would in the car if i didn't. I tried. I tried. I tried. Finally a little bit of water came up.  I got dressed, she gave me a little more nauseau meds via IV and i was in a wheel chair and falling asleep before I even got in the car. We made it home in 30 minutes and I was laying in bed.

The pain was mild, maybe a 3 or 4 at most. I had my pain meds but the sensation to want to pee was great. I would get up and try and nothing would come out b/c i hadn't drank anything all day. But when I did, i'd get nauseous. So after a couple hours of this, i finally started forcing myself to drink little more water at a time. By about 7pm, I was up and while the sensation to urinate was there, I also was ready for some food.

The food and liquids helped to curb that awful desire to urinate with no relief. And i then realized, WOW - how awful if you always felt like you had to pee and would go but that sensation never left... and thanked the stars above that #1 it went away and #2 that was my only serious complaint from the surgery.

So i'm home now. Laid up but moving around. Even made it to our local CVS a couple blocks away. I'm really surprised at how much i progressed in a few short hours last night from achey to fine... and feel so blessed!

Just wanted to give you an update. Maybe TMI... but for anybody else going through a hysteroscopy resection and / or Cyst (laparoscopy surgery) removal... I just wanted to let you know, if you get that i have to pee feeling from the pressure on your bladder, the best thing is to drink liquids even though its really hard at first. And it does pass pretty quickly.

Thanks again everybody for being so supportive. I'm recovering well and quickly and am in good spirits! I did get pictures but need to scan them, so for those who want to see, I will be posting a link to them later on this week :)


  1. I'm glad you're recovering well and most of all you are in good spirits. You must feel relieved now....get well soon. Electronic Hugs from me!

  2. I'm so glad the surgery is over! Now you can heal up and get back to getting down. ;)

  3. I'm so glad you're home and recovering! :) I'm glad it went well and is finally over for you.

  4. So glad to hear it went well! Hope you are feeling better soon! :)

  5. Glad the surgery is over and that it went well!

  6. Glad to hear everything went well! Here's to a fast recovery!! <3

  7. Wow, you got to go home quick! Glad your only complaint went away quickly :)

  8. So glad to know your doing well!! Those hospital socks are snazzy right?!? They gave my Granny like six pair last time she was in the hospital! She loved them. haha.

  9. Whew~! So happy that you're doing well!

  10. Ha ha...the sock pic...with Larry in the!

    So glad you are on the mend my friend!!


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