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January 05, 2011

Shape Up 2011

I ran across this awesome post about getting in shape by Truly Engaging Blog the other day and just wanted to share it. Although I am close to our 9 month mark of wedded bliss and not on a pre-wedding program, these are helpful hints for just a positive lifestyle change that can really keep me motivated, positive emotionally and physically and overall feeling good about myself... I'm only highlighting the key points, so be sure to go to the Truly Engaging Blog and check out all the helpful hints and the top 10 apps for iphone and android that will help monitor your goals!

1. Keep a food diary and keep track of what you’re eating every day.
2. Drink a lot of water.
3. Exercise- you need to burn more calories than you take in.
4. Eat a healthy breakfast with protein + fiber - the most important meal of the day!
5. Eat 5-6 smaller meals per day to help raise your metabolism and keep your sugar levels even.
6. DO NOT UNDER EAT because that, my darlings, will SLOW your metabolism.
7. Chew your food well. You’ll enjoy your food more and you’ll stop when your full. So simple and oh-so practical.
8. Eat more veggies, fruits and whole grains.
9. Cut down or cut out the fried foods, alcohol, pop, refined flours and sugars.
10. NO PILLS or gimmicks or quick weight loss schemes. First of all they are totally unhealthy and do not promote a lifestyle change.
11. Welcome accountability. Get a fitness partner. Join a group. Proclaim your goals out loud.

The most difficult for me is the cutting out of bad foods and alcohol. I've started couch to 5k and easily eat 5-6 times a day... now if only they could be smaller more healthier meals. LOL

What is your hardest obstacle? Do share... I can use any support and encouragement....

And be sure to check out Truly Engaging's Blog for some great wedding inspiration!

1 comment:

  1. My biggest challenges are portion size and stopping when I'm full. Oh, and actually getting my butt out of my chair to work out. I do a much better job in the summer, when I can run outside more comfortably!


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