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January 27, 2011

The Spending Diet ...ala

And Then she saved Blog.

CNN Money recently highlighted Anna Newell Jones and her blog, And Then She Saved and I was inspired.

One particular post spoke to me, and I do think that her blog will become one of my daily visits b/c she is inspiring.

1. Make list of my NEEDS. These are things like: shelter, phone, food, utilities, mortgage/rent. See my original Spending Fast Needs list here. I'm going to re-do this list. Re-evaluation is a good thing.
2. Out of my NEEDS list figure out where costs can be reduced. 
3. Stop spending money.
4. When a NEED from the NEEDS list pops up I'll spend money on those. Those are NEEDS. Those are okay.
5. Since this is the Spending Diet and not the Spending Fast I am allowing myself a $200 $100 limit on "non-needs" for the month. Things that go into this section are things like: clothes, make-up, entertainment, dinner out, other random "non-needs" stuff. I'll follow this criteria for purchases so I don't go buck wild buying corn dogs and bubble gum. 
6. I'll keep a running monthly tally of the money I'm spending on "non-needs" and once the $200 $100 is hit then that's it. I'll stop spending money and go into the Spending Fast mode for the remainder of the month. 

Now, that is inspiring. Could I do it? i could certainly try. Right now I need to go through my NEEDS list and make sure i've got it written down and then see where costs can be reduced. That is my goal before spring.

Wish me luck!


  1. Those are good tips. We're working on tracking our spending better this year, since I'm not in my old job anymore. So, far we've cut back on eating out a bit, and could probably save more in other areas, too.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Our goal this year is to pay off debt so I need all the inspiration I need!

  3. so awesome that you're doing this!! whoo hooo!!


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