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January 12, 2011

Spotting, Fibroids and Cysts... Oh My!

ok, ok... i'm a bit dramatic... but all i can think about is that i don't feel right. My mom of course would chalk it up to me not having children yet and so my hormones are revolting against me. Who knows? maybe there is some truth to that.

The short of it is, after months of just not feeling right, my hypochondria was confirmed to show that my insides aren't right. The long of it I will explain below... just in case someone else uses the internet to self-diagnose (like i'm guilty of doing) and needs to know they aren't alone.

I have been on Yaz forever. Due to migraines and irregular periods, Yaz was a bit of a god-sent in helping those things. But on Yaz, i hardly had a period let alone spotted at all. In July, I started to have irregular spotting... like weeks of it before a heavier than normal (which is prob normal for the rest of y'all) period. Then another one a week or two later. Then the following two months was the normal hardly having a period cycle. November and December were irregular again with spotting and bleeding. 

So why didn't you go to a Dr, you ask?

Well, I did. I went to a local one in the area and when I expressed my concern with the spotting and bleeding, she waived it off as potential inefficacy of Yaz and gave me the option to try something different. Since I didn't want to change the factors in the equation, I stayed on it to see what was going on. I also knew eventually I'd be getting off the pill and letting my body "readjust".  We took some vaccine tests but months have gone by and I still don't have the results. So when my friend raved about her Ob-Gyn, I jumped ship. BEST idea ever!

Finally made an appointment to meet my new Dr. Instead of doing a re-examine (since my previous pap was only 3 months prior), he suggested we get all my files from the other ob-gyn and then sit down to chat about things. When i expressed concern about the spotting and heavier than normal periods, he gave me a referral for a sonogram... just so we could "have all the pieces of the puzzle before we regrouped".

Well, I made all the appointments and felt good about my new Ob-gyn.

The next day, I started bleeding again. Not spotting but bleeding. I chalked it up to going off the pill until the day after Christmas I had excessive bleeding and some big clots and little clots for days. My new Ob-gyn responded to my emails and suggested coming in when i returned from CA and he'd get  that sonogram moved up.

By the time I was able to get back to the District (due to the northeastern storms), the bleeding subsided. So instead of forcing the earlier sonogram, i stuck with my regularly scheduled appointment. I had no pain throughout this but slight cramping, so i wasn't overly concerned but still intrigued by what was going on with my body.

Well, the ultrasound (external and transvaginal) revealed a sub-mucosal fibroid about 1 inch big that was pushing into my endometrial cavity. But more concerning was that near my right ovary (but outside of it) there was a solid cyst present. Over 3inches in size (7.8cm), anything over 5cm is usually removed via surgery.

Well, now the radiologist had to tell my Dr. what was up. I had to wait a day or two, but when i emailed my Ob-Gyn again, he suggested i come in and made time during his lunch break for me.  The report shows that its either an endometrioma (often referred to as a chocolate cyst) or dermoid cyst since its solid vs. being fluid.

He gave me the referral and now i am scheduled with a surgeon for my first consult so that we can proceed to attempt to get this cyst out of my body. If you want to see something gross, click here and you can see a picture of the dermoid cyst. apparently it is composed of teeth, nail and hair... bleck....

I'm not freaked out nor am I stressed, I just want to get the procedure done so i can move on. I want this thing out especially if it has TEETH!

So i feel fine. And i was told fibroids occur in many women and how they are affected varies. It seems cysts are pretty normal too. So hopefully a little laproscopic adventure will help me get rid of these invaders in my body. I'm just so glad that I was able to get something done in a fairly short time from my first symptoms. a lesson learned is that i need to go with my gut and just get things double checked.

On the child-bearing future, it seems that fibroids like mine can make conception difficult but don't effect fertility. The cyst, due to its size needs to be removed and can also prevent conception by blocking the passage. But once removed, it seems that it won't effect the future of our children being conceived.

Stay tuned, I'll know more on Thursday after my surgery consultation.... but until then - anybody else have similar issues? or know anybody who does? I'd love some feedback to help continue to keep me calm :-)


  1. OMG, Amy, I'm so glad you're getting it taken care of and will be OK. I'm sorry you've had to go through this, and I hope you never have to go through it again. I hope everything goes well at the consultation, so let me know. I'll be thinking of you, girl. Hugs...

  2. wonderful that there's an end in site.

    surgery sucks, and the idea of teeth in a cyst is gross .. but there's an end in site!

  3. Oh Amy, I am so sorry to hear you are going through this, but so glad you have a doctor you like.

  4. Oh wow lady! You've been going through a lot! Glad the doc's are finally giving you some answers though. Hope all goes well! Keep us posted!

  5. Thanks for following me! Yes, the storage upgrade is the way to go and I'd never get anything accomplished without lists...ha!

    My goodness, it sounds like you've been through all kinds of craziness! I'll keep you in my prayers and best of luck!

  6. My mom had a cyst with teeth and hair on one of her ovaries at age 36. She was pregnant, so they did a C-section and removed the whole ovary (along with my brother), just in case.

    She had two healthy children after that (at age 38 and 40) while one ovary, and it seemed all good, but this last summer another similar cyst developed on her remaining ovary and she had it removed as well, at age 49, putting her in premature menopause.

    None of the cysts were ever cancerous, just a pain and something for us to fret over.

    It never messed with her conception (obviously, two more kids in her late 30's with one ovary) and now except for the hot flashes, she is doing great!

    She was worried throughout it all, but she is healthy and happy, and I'm sure you will be too--I'm sorry you have to deal with the situation, but I'm very sure you'll be great!

    (Ah, what we have to deal with that men don't!)

  7. I haven't commented before, but since this something I have some experience in I thought I'd add my two cents on the subject.

    That all sucks! I hope all goes well! As long as you've got a good doctor, (which it sounds like you made the right choice getting a second opinion) then I'm sure it'll all be fine.

    I had a pretty large fibroid in my uterus that I had to have removed last year. I was 28 and it was about 5-6 inches big, which is too big to be removed laproscopically. So, in January of 2010 I had an abdominal myomectomy surgery. Recovery from that definitely wasn't fun, but I had a good surgeon who was able to remove it and let me keep my uterus.

    I've learned a lot about fibroids over the past two years and there are a lot of women who have them that go to have normal pregnancies. I hope that's the case for you (and me too) someday.

    Good luck!

  8. I am so glad you are getting an answer on this. I got jumped around BCs and I'm still not sure that was the solution... glad your new doc is being proactive!

  9. Thanks everybody for your feedback. It's bee overwhelming and very sweet. I'm making great strides to be complete open about things going on my life and while its hard, knowing there are people reading about it, relating and sending me warm wishes makes it all worth it. Thank you so much!

  10. Sorry to hear about all this Amy! I'll be praying that it all works out! Hugs!!!

  11. I had major problems on Yaz, so glad I got off it when I did.


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