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January 28, 2011

Stop and Smell the flowers

... and I did on our wedding day. It was caught by our wonderful Photographer Jordana, Hazelnut Photography... and I just discovered that our fabulous florist had posted about it on her blog, Flower Allie Style.

One of my fave pictures as well...

but seriously, the details of my bouquet and my bridal party are pretty stinking fabulous... Gray and Yellow with navy accents... She hit our decor on the bull's eye!
and my flower girls in motion

And the details of our ceremony site...

**sigh** I am so happy with what Allie did with our space. She is fabulous. So if you haven't gone over to check out her stuff, hit up her blog, Flower Allie Style - she's got some pretty awesome weddings highlighted there!


  1. I loved your colors and how the florist pulled it all together for the decor. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. You were a stunning bride. The flowers are gorgeous.

  3. Wow, so beautiful! I love that gorgeous picture of you :)

  4. I totally agree - what a beautiful candid picture! :)

  5. The white anemone bouquet...well, what can I say, is absolutely beautiful! And I can't say enough on the yellow flower scheme. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful flowers! Yellow tulips are perfect for spring wedding,when nature is just awaking. Thank you for sharing!

  7. What a wonderful flower? She and flower looking great. I like it
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  8. Totally agree, great website and always updated too which is quite nice.

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