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February 23, 2011

2011 Birthday Recap

As a very loved and fortunate gal, the Husband was brilliant in showering me with the best gift yet - quality time traveling together and making great memories. This particular trip we went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and had an amazing time seeing some ol' friends, making some new ones and visiting with family...

The lovely weekend started off with a wonderful breakfast at Grampa's Bakery (also seen on Diners, Drive In's and Dives)
where we had delicious food.

with our fave family who lives in the area. 
The parents of one of our very close friends, who has always been like family since the day we've met!
After a fabulous breakfast, we made it over to another friend's family home in Harbor Beach... talk about a great vacation home... and although it was cloudy and a bit misty, we decided to enjoy the not snowy weather with some delicious mojitos that my gal pal made!

It's a nice thing to have a view of the water, but i have to say, staring at WOW all day was something I could definitely do!
my pals checking the water temp, with WOW behind them
 For dinner we went to this amazing place called Mario's Cantina... read the reviews they are all true, the food is amazing!
appetizer plate that had empanadas, tamales, pulled beef, pork and chicken with the fried plantains.
 My beautiful Birthday dinner...
Red Snapper, with Jump Shrimp in a Lobster sauce. Drool!
 and of course, nothing makes a birthday dinner complete without birthday dessert!

A nice group shot!

The next day was sunny and bright, so we took the boat out...

Stopped and had lunch at the Bahia Cabana. Here's a fun group shot with the Blue's Brothers.

We sailed by some beautiful homes...
Scottie Pippen's house... WOWSERS!
 Some iguanas just chillin'

And we saw some gorgeous boats... 

Then we had another amazing dinner, this time to celebrate my best pal's birthday!
Group shot from dinner! Stuffed!
 The last day we were there, we took the boat one more time... and went to the Southport Raw Bar... delicious, super cheap and great fresh seafood.
A shot of the gals!
The hubby and I!
 And a beautiful shot of where we had our Valentine's day lunch before leaving...

All in all, i'd have to say it was pretty amazing. We had great food, amazing friends and family and just an amazing time experiencing something new. We stuffed ourselves silly with delicious food, silly laughs, and great times!


  1. Looks like an awesome trip! Glad you had fun!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely birthday! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. AW!!! Looks like it was a super fun day!!! Happy Birthday again Miss Amy!

  4. The only thing missing from your pictures is...ME! My invite must have gotten lost in the mail? Please deliver the next one in person!! xoxo

  5. Happy to see you thoroughly enjoyed your birthday! I love breakfast food any time of the day!

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  7. the picture of you and hubby on the boat... awesome! you 2 are SO cute it's ridiculous ;~) glad you had a great birthday!!


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