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February 09, 2011

Rambling Random News

Yay, it's wednesday...middle of the week and another day closer to a special birthday weekend in Fort Lauderdale with one of my best gal pals (who also celebrates a February Birthday!)

I'm very excited. Health News: Since the surgery, i've rapidly recovered. The stitches are healing nicely and I feel good. On the Fitness News, I am back to the gym (walking and elliptical), waiting on yoga for another week or two and back on my Weight Watchers.

My Weight Watchers News: The husband and I started on January 5, 2011. I didn't diet the week of surgery. So i was down 5lbs before surgery, back up - so total loss after surgery was 2.8 lbs. Back on starting last Wednesday and I lost another 1.4 lbs (although on sunday it would have been 3lbs lost)... with a total loss of 4.2lbs.  The husband is down 11.4 lbs and I want to beat him with a stick. I get 29 points, he gets 41 points. He struggles to get all his points in at night and I want to drown myself in a bucket of chocolate. I mean, i'm proud of him... but man oh man. It's frustrating. And I know that men lose easier than woman, but i'm AT the gym. I eat less. and he's losing as easily as he breathes. Last week his weigh in - the computer said "consult a dr. you are losing too quickly!" AHHHH... anyways, I'm down for the week - i should be happy. i mean I am happy.

PS. add me if you are on WW - my online is ajcf1036 - i can use the support!

Home Decorating News: For my birthday, my parents have bought us a new bed. So in anticipation of this, I sold our bedframe on Craigslist and it sold so quickly that we are now...  sleeping on our mattress on the floor!
 so now we find them both on the bed all day long... (the top sheet is our dog sheet, and we fold up our comforter to avoid the massive amounts of hair we get!)
Good news is, we should be getting our bed soon - but who knows how long it will take.

I heard some disturbing and sad news the other day about a man who intentionally jumped out of our building and killed himself. Very disturbing to hear in general, but to know it was someone staying in our condo building, someone who i may not have even noticed wasn't feeling emotionally well ... just gave me pause to thank GOD for the life I have and to remind myself that at any moment, someone's life can end - intentional or not... and due to that, we need to make every effort to enjoy each moment and to not let anger or unhappiness interfere with the way we live our lives or treat others; strangers included.

And to end on a lighter note, so that i'm not ending the post to morbidly...
some funny news: my mom recently gave me these foot pads. They are like socks, except they don't have the foot part and only cover your heel. It's for dry cracked heels to help prevent splitting and ...well, dryness. The packaging is in Korean ... and of course aside from a few grammatical errors and misspellings... note the second line in English!
 AS WORN FOR DRY HORNY HEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buahahahahaha... ^.^

I thought that was hysterical so wanted to share.
Entertaining News: If you like Flight of the Concords and love dogs, here's a funny video clip

I hope your Wednesday is happy. I hope your week is meaningful... and I hope that this week, you do one conscious effort of kindness... maybe even to someone who may not deserve it!


  1. My husband and I started a calorie count this month... I know what you mean. He still seems to shovel food into his face and I'm left hungry all day and craving a bowl of ice cream =P

  2. I am so glad you are recovering and feeling good, Amy! That is so tragic about the man in your buidling, though. Even at our most stressful moments, it's important to remember what a gift life is. I am so blessed to have so much love and support in mine.

  3. 41 points??? That's not fair! If I'm not careful all of mine are gone in a meal or two.

    Glad to hear that your recovery is going well!

  4. So glad to hear you're doing well and getting back into routine! Don't mens' metabolisms pi$$ you off!!! :) My fiance eats whenever he wants, whatever he wants and doesn't gain a pound.. NOT ME! They should be ashamed of themselves!!!
    BWAHAHA watch out for those horny feet!

  5. So glad you're recovering quickly - even better that you get to celebrate your birthday! Don't try to compete with your husband on the weight loss. You'll get frustrated and lose your motivation, and that doesn't work for either of you!


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