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February 24, 2011

Fixing up the Closet

A peaceful space is a peaceful feeling. Material clutter can clutter your mind and soul, so last year when i had a few weeks off from work, I put to good use that extra time and spent it cleaning out the closet and even re-doing our walk in to maximize all of our space.  Space is minimal, so the little we have - I have to really make the most of... My goal is to make our home a "home" and that when we walk through the door, the feelings of comfort, peace and happiness rush to us and not the feeling of clutter, stress and a list of to-dos that we can never get to. I hope to de-clutter in 2011. Decluttering of material possessions will inevitably help me declutter my mind too.

So with great intentions in mind, I began to work on our walk in closet... I have some pictures below. I ended up donating about 3-4 large trash bags of clothes (some pretty new) to the Good Will. I feel i still have much left to do, but even this small dent in our decluttering goal has left me with a sense of accomplishment.

Here are some before and afters of our walk in closet... I did this all by myself. Just me, myself and my handy dandy power drill...

Here is one side of the closet... you can see how much space wasn't being used well.
I removed the existing shelving that was done with some pretty shoddy handiwork, especially for a brand new condo

Note that I extended the shelf to hit the ceiling, so all of the Husband's clothes hangs there b/c he can reach that extra height. His shirts and pants are also much longer than mine, so now they don't drag or hit the shelf below it.
I used a shoe holder to house some scarves and the little bit of shelf space above the clothes is for some big bags.

I used some of the spaces for my shoes. Although not all of my shoes are visible here, when you have a few pairs to deal with, seeing them helps to make sure they get worn.

And while I was motivated, I actually made a built-in closet of sorts in the bedroom for a very cheap price. I simply used some line wiring and curtains to hide the clothes and shelves behind it.

So what do you think? Have you done any home improvements lately? Even the slightest things that maybe only you can notice, can help release tension and create a more peaceful environment. What's your zen tips?


  1. The Hubs and I have separate closets, and I gave mine a good cleaning a couple of months ago. I did a little blurb on my other blog:

  2. Hey! It's great to see your blog again!!! Looks fantastic, and what's so funny is I just ripped out an article from whole living magazine the other day about decluttering your life!!!

    i so need that and vow that by mid March, our bedroom will stop being the dumping ground for stupid stuff! (nice job on your closet btw) I'm afraid to post any before pics of our room tho!!

    empty frames, drills, cd's, photos with no albums, papers, boxes, etc...

    anyway, i hope all is well with you and can't wait to catch up!

  3. Clos-ette Too has a new contest! Take a picture of your closet and upload it to our Facebook Page by 7/8 to win 2 sets of black shirt hangers and 1 set of pant hangers (A $50 value) from Clos-ette Too!


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