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February 16, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

So when it comes to babies, many of the first questions a mom will face is "do you know if the baby is a boy or a girl?" or "do you plan to find out or let it be a surprise?"

Along that line, the newest trend which I'm loving... A gender Reveal Party. i was only enlightened that such a thing exists when I stumbled upon my amazing wedding planner and coordinator extraordinairre's (she planned and executed this amazing celebration, yes our wedding!) Paola (Just Chic Events) own video clip of her gender reveal party. (with her permission of course)

This is such a neat idea. Basically, the gender of a baby is written on a piece of paper in an envelope. The envelope is then given to the baker of the cake. The baker will then bake the cake itself in pink or blue - and then the icing will hide the cake color. When the couple cuts the first slice, the color of the cake reveals the gender.

I know that others have done this as well and making it more fun, The Week shares some ideas where some people have their guests where the colors of their predictions, others take a vote at the party prior to the reveal. And while not all people want to share this special moment with friends or family, i can see how wanting to share the excitement would be natural.

What a fun way to find out...Have any of you been to a gender reveal party or are thinking about doing it yourself? I think its such a cute idea, but would have to consider the bi-coastal families into that equation! any suggestions on how to handle families that live a distance away when trying to do a party like this?


  1. What a fun and neat idea!! :) Thanks for sharing :)

  2. OMG, I love this! I am so doing this when I have kids! What a fun way to surprise family and friends!

  3. OH how I love this idea! And that video is so touching! I have heard of these before but would love to attend one some day! How exciting!!

  4. The gender reveal parties are fun and super cute, but I don't want to know what I'm having! I think it's one of life's best surprises, which is totally not how I usually am...I like to be prepared, but in this case I want to be surpirsed.

    Skype your family when the time comes!

  5. This is such a great idea! The cake cutting is a nice touch to surprising the guests. Might be a fun addition to a baby shower if the parents-to-be are okay with their guests giving gender-neutral gifts!

  6. How fun is that video!!! What a great idea! :) Happy baby girl!!!

  7. That is such a fun idea! And I love any excuse for a party!

    Although I would probably not be able to wait, I'd want to know the gender as soon as I could, so I could start decorating the nursery!

  8. My gender reveal party is on Sunday. We live an ocean away from our families, so I'm including them by having them make guesses in advance & posting pictures on baby's (private) blog after the party. A day or two after the party, because I plan to send my mom all-pink or all-blue (purple-ish, actually) flowers on Monday morning.
    We thought about finding out right there along with our party guests like this couple did (the video made this preggo cry!) but my husband was gone during our regular ultrasound, so we're paying out of pocket for a separate gender scan--we want to get the most from the experience and watch the whole thing!

    Oh, many of our friends found out about our pregnancy (20 weeks late!) just this week when we passed out the invitations!

  9. adorable!
    for far-away families, set them up on skype! :)

  10. we have found out in fun ways both times. with chase my friend baked cupcakes with little blue bottles in some of them and we all (bible study) raced to eat the cupcake and find a bottle... whoever got it first yelled it out ;~) with lbg we gave the envelope to the owner of a local (awesome) restaurant and after a fantastic dinner/date, they brought out the dessert with the blue color and boy decorations.

    it's definitely a lot of fun finding out in fun and unusual ways ;)


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