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February 17, 2011

Health: Fibroid & Cyst {Surgery}

So to bring this chapter of my life, hopefully to a close, I wanted to discuss the two procedures I had and what we found. If you want to read up on the previous posts, Symptoms, Surgery consultation, Chemical Pregnancy, and an explanation of Fibroids v. Cysts pertaining to my specific situation.

Before I go further, I am not a Dr. and many of the links below are just what i found doing research on the internet on my own. Please don't take any of my experience as medical professional advice, suggestions, or statements.
My diagnosis was that i had a Pedunculated Fibroid which is a Fibroid that is on a stalk. The biggest concern with these types of Fibroids is that the stalk becomes twisted causing severe pain. The particular type of fibroid I had was a Submucous Fibroid which grows in the submucosal lining of the uterus (Click here to see an image of my Fibroid) - between the inner layer of uterus and endometrial cavity.

So at the end of the day, i had a Pedunculated Submucous Fibroid (Pedunculated Submucosal Fibroid) for which I had a hysteroscopic resection also referred to as a hysterocopic myomectomy. I did not have uterine artery embolization - which basically goes through an artery in your groin area to stop the blood flow to the fibroid, thereby killing it. The Pedunculated Submucosal Fibroid was about an inch big, which I guess is not huge but the Dr. Labeled it "Large Fibroid" (See an image of the resected area of the fibroid here) and was causing bleeding, clotting, spotting but no pain oddly.

The procedure went very smoothly and didn't take too long. The Dr. Left a Catheter in the uterus lining to ensure proper healing of the lining and i also got a nice shot of Estrogen before leaving the hospital. The Estrogen was given to help the uterine lining. After a week (it wasn't too comfy, i'll be honest), the 18 inch catheter tube was finally removed. During this time, I was taking Doxycycline 2x a day and advil (3 pills) every 6 hours. Needless to say, the doxycycline kills all bacteria - good and bad, so probiotics and another prescription was necessary.

I also had a 3+ inch Dermoid Cyst that was attached to my right ovary (First image of the ovary/cyst bottom right photo). If you look here, you can see how big the Cyst was. Initially I thought that the Cyst was the ovary, but the Cyst was actually enveloping the Ovary and when you compare with how much of the Left ovary you see, you can compare the sizes of what is normal and what is not normal! (Especially the bottom left image, where its a glimpse of the left ovary and the right one is GINORMOUS comparatively.) And if you look at the after images (here), you can see the end result, the ovaries look more similar in size. The Dr. also places interceed to prevent adhesion in the healing process.

While I was hoping after the surgery I could exclaim "VAGINA DENTATA", I am not 100% sure that there was a tooth in the mass, but there was "something solid" in "there". However, you can see something here - upper right photo, be warned these are a little more graphic. These photos (here) show the cyst being detached from the ovary, in essence the ovary is being kinda opened, the cyst detached and the ovary put back together again. And again, the end result is here in these images.

With this surgery, a laparoscopic cyst removal, (also referred to as laproscopic cyst removal or laparoscopy removal of cyst) the Dr. made four incisions. One on the south side of my belly button, three under the bikini line. Very small, with a steristrip over them to help the healing. There was a little soreness, but really nothing too excessive. I showered the next day and took the gauze off a week later although I could have removed them sooner. During my post-op on Wednesday, the Dr. said i was healing "beautifully."

All in all, I went into surgery around 12:30 and came to about 1:55pm for both procedures. I was a little nauseous I won't lie and the urge to throw up was there, but i couldn't really do that. I couldn't drink more than water initially. We were home before 5pm at which point, i was still nauseous, but the urge to pee was overwhelming. I knew that it was "in my head" but imagine that intense pressure you get when you are driving down a highway and there is nowhere to go so you're holding it for like 30 minutes and it builds and builds. I had that for about 2 hours and no matter if I could pee, the pressure was still there.

The problem with this was that i was too nauseous to drink or eat anything, so I coudn't pee and didn't have to but felt like i did. But once I finally got some more fluids in me, the sensation subsided and I felt like i could live again. I was able to keep some soup down and then it was all good.

Mentally, knowing the catheter was in my uterus and feeling the pressure of it (probably all in my head), made the week a little annoying. But it definitely was good i had the week off and having my mom come was a luxury. It was not necessary, but it definitely made things easier for me.

Overall, it was pretty smooth sailing. The post-op went well and I'm ok'd to resume ALL normal activity as long as my body feels ok. So to get back to that treadmill!!!

Hopefully this will be informative for others out there who experience something similar. Having a good Dr. is key to a successful surgery and recovery. I am blessed that from finding the fibroid/cyst (Jan 6 to February 16 - although, i really was pretty good after catheter removal on Feb. 2 and went back to the gym for a light workout on February 9) to surgery and recovery, it really was about a one month ordeal.


  1. Thanks for the info, Amy! Thank goodness this is all behind you now!

  2. SO glad everything went well! <3

  3. Wow, thank you for writing this post, AmyJean! I am so glad that the surgery went well, and you are all well and healed. As you know, I am in the same boat you were last month pre-surgery. It really helps to read about your experiences. Thank you again for being a great resource, and also a wonderful friend. xo


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