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February 28, 2011

The Marital Bed, Sacred?

So recently as a gift from my parents, we ordered a new bed. I was very thrilled about this b/c our Full size bed for The Husband and I was just not big enough... especially when a little Kota Monster would jump into bed ALL the time. I'm not super tall - ok ok ok. I'm not tall. I'm 5'5 and The Husband is about 6ft. He's all legs as he likes to claim and i'm anything but... so for a while, we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor... it was a sad state.

so we ordered ourselves a California King. It's a Serta Alleene plush top blah blah blah and its firm yet plushy...and it finally arrived this week and before I could even make the bed, The Husband was all over it... NO JOKE
And while, he still could lay to the extent of the bed's perimeters, we are sharing this marital bed TOGETHER.

My mom always told me that a marital bed is a sacred place for husband and wife - meaning, that nobody but the married couple should ever sleep in the marital bed, alone and/or together - but its exclusive to the couple. I'm not really sure why or if this is somehow rooted in some old Korean tradition or folklore, but I am starting to have an unexplainable possessiveness over OUR new marital bed.

The previous bed was one that I owned before I even met The Husband, and thus just grandfathered into the relationship. My mother, cousins and friends have slept in this bed when visiting or babysitting our pups...  But now that we have our very first owned bed together, does this somehow make it more sacred?

See how pretty...

and with the space that our old bed frame headboard took, it actually doesn't stick out past what the full size bed stuck out... but now its just all bed. Oh and note our fancy night stands - yes, dining chairs that I was going to put into storage have now become night stands. That's how we roll

and of course we still have one of these on the bed all the time

In our bigger marital bed, I don't mind falling asleep with to this view, b/c there is plenty of room...

So that still begs the question, does having our first Marital bed together, somehow make it more important to us? Or is a bed just a bed? What is your take on your marital bed (future or present)?

Oh yea, and just to mess with my mom, I told her the bed was so big, I don't even know that The Husband is in it... so her having grandchildren may take longer than she wants... she of course shrieked and yelled at me LOL :-)


  1. Nice bed! My husband is 6'4" and we have a queen, so at some point, we may need a bigger bed, too. As for me, I'm just 5'3" so it's no problem. LOL.

  2. I've always been possessive over my bed... guests don't sleep it in... it's my bed. lol This was a bit of a change for Jacob when we moved in together (as he would always give his parents the bed when they came to visit). I am all for having a comfortable place for guests to sleep, but they are GUESTS... they don't belong in MY bed! lol

  3. Hmm... I've never thought about this. The bed we have now used to belong to his parents. So I don't really care of claim ownership. But if we were to get our very own bed I think I might! I kind of like the idea that it's a place just for you two.

  4. oh man - I cannot wait until we buy a new bed :-) they are way to pricey for us now...but someday. I inherited the one we use now - and I'm not one for superstitions. :-)

  5. I've always been super possess of my bed and superstitious and I'm a bit of a germaphobe (I used to always take extra sheets when travelling). I've never shared my bed with anyone except a significant other and NO ONE will be sleeping in our bed. We just got a new one in January (our last bed was mine).

  6. i guess i am not that possessive about the marital bed but maybe if i had a california king.... ;~)



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