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February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Post

In honor of Valentine's Day, a day I don't celebrate really... I will still write a post about love.

♥Love is... when your husband loses his wedding ring and you calmly and sincerely tell him that it's ok b/c that does not change a single thing.
♥Love is... when your husband is truly devastated that the ring is missing, not b/c of its monetary value but because of its sentimental value.
♥Love is... laughing when your husband finds his ring...and almost pissing yourself laughing when you realize where he found it.

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 12:50 PM, Husband wrote: OMG i lost my ring...i just looked down and it wasn't on my hand

Then a frantic call that he searched our condo high and low, he can't find it at home. He ran back to work scouring the sidewalks as he went to see if he could spot it. He was frantic. Where could it have gone? He searched high and low at work, near his seat/desk, the walls, he had co-workers helping him. He searched the trash can in the men's restroom (barf). He could not find it.
On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 1:39 PM, husband wrote: I never take it off. I even dug through bathroom garbage at work

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 1:52 PM, Husband wrote:  i've searched everywhere...multiple people helping look too. [front desk in our condo] said she is putting a sign up by mailboxes in our building and will call me if anyone finds it

Because I am a rational person (LOL, the recent gifts of love helped - i won't lie), I reassured him
On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 1:45 PM, AmyJean wrote: Don't freak out. its just a ring. We can get you a new one no problem...Until then, I may force you to wear a foil ring

The Husband was still devastated.
On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 1:56 PM, husband wrote: i'm really freaked out :(

I asked him why? what changes aside from losing a piece of metal... we're still the same regardless!

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 1:58 PM, husband wrote: but that ring means a lot to me ...never thought i'd freak out over jewelry

and with more apologies.
On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 2:16 PM, husband wrote: i'm so sorry baby

to which I responded that i was just glad it was him and not me, and that I understand why he was devastated but that I was not mad. In fact, I figured him losing his ring was bound to happen.

He blamed Weight Watchers b/c he has lost 11.4 lbs in 5 weeks (ugh and yay for him!) and said his fingers were really skinny. He also said not only has his fingers lost weight but the cold weather also makes his fingers thinner. Dang Weight Watchers! LOL

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 3:11 PM, Husband wrote: i feel naked honestly

So I tried to talk him down from the ledge. I told him not too worry, either we'll find it in like the bed under a pillow or someone may find it and worst case, we buy him a new one. He was still sad. He posted an ad on Craigslist lost and found section, he posted on our building's listserve and just kept emailing throughout the day about hoping to find it. I went home, walked the dogs - looked around our condo. Emptied his pants and something fell out.... A quarter!

I walked our usual path and the areas he said he was earlier that morning and searched the dirt for anything that may reflect a shine. Nothing.

The Husband came home. We hugged and he told me how sad he was and how sorry he was. I laughed and told him not to worry. I went through my jewelry box and found a yellow gold band I had from my sweet 16. It fit him but he just pouted. He didn't want to wear any ring but the one he had. He looked near tears truth be told and i was surprised by his emotion and happy at the same time!

So i said, well let's retrace your steps, from last night until today... b/c are you sure you had it on today? So while I started searching our couch and looking on the living room floor, the Husband replays out his lunch at home.

"First, I got my toast from the refridgerator and put it in the toaster. I grabbed the mayo and can of tuna from the cabinets. Then i got my cheese from the drawer and.... I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Well wouldn't you know... the Husband's ring must have fallen off when he was closing the bag of deli cheese and putting it back into the cheese drawer in the Refridgerator. Yes, as CHEESY as it sounds, my husband lost his ring in a bag of cheese (lol)

So we had a good laugh, actually i almost pissed myself... called off the dogs and he was so relieved.

Husband still blames Weight Watchers: "if i hadn't been on WW, I wouldn't have come home to make my lunch - so its still WW's fault!"

♥Love is keeping your cool when you may want to be upset.
♥Love is encouraging your partner when s/he is upset.
♥Love is trying to make your partner laugh when s/he is upset.
♥Love is working alongside your partner in any of their efforts (even looking for a ring!).
♥Love is holding your partner to show you love.
♥Love is laughing with your partner when sometimes things just don't seem laughable.
♥Love is laughing with your partner when things are truly laughable.
♥Love is saying that when all material things are stripped of you, no matter what, nothing can take love away.
♥Love is tieing thread around your husband's ring to help it from slipping off again until you can get it resized.

♥Love is not just about a day of flowers, chocolates, hearts and stuffed animals... it's about two people and what they mean to one another despite all the flowers, chocolates, hearts and stuffed animals!

♥♥♥Happy Valentine's Day to my Wonderful Husband, you absolutely thrill me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes! Thank you for being you! ♥♥♥

♥Happy Valentine's Day y'all... I hope you are spending this day in the way you most feel loved! ♥


  1. LOL! I'm glad he found it! One of my former coworkers once lost her ring in the middle of the steet and didn't realize until hours later. She went back and it was still there! Amazing!

  2. What a great post - love the story and the message behind it. <3 Even though you're not a traditional Valentine's celebrator, you and your hubby are so romantic and cheesy (LOL) together. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Perfect story for today!

  3. ok, first... losing the ring in a bag of cheese... you can't make that stuff up! these are family legends. second... him getting that upset and freaked... i love it. that man loves you ;~) third... you couldn't be more right about not freaking out and getting upset. everything is replaceable except for your love.

  4. love the story and the message behind it.

  5. Amazing post!! SO glad he found his ring after going through all that trouble!!! Thanks for sharing Amy!!

  6. Funny, cute, and sweet all in one post! Glad he found it in the end!

  7. So sweet and touching. Thank you so much for sharing! I'll take this story with me and try to keep it in mind when the world seems to fall apart. John Lennon was right, "All you need is love"!! Thanks for reminding me!


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