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March 15, 2011

1 Year Anniversary Trip Recap {Part 1}

So we were very excited to be spending our one year anniversary in one of our favorite places that we both Love... yes the City that never sleeps - although, I sure did catch up on a lot of sleep ! :)

We arrived in one piece on Saturday morning despite a long flight (or what felt like a long flight) to Vegas... It was a beautiful day, in the high 60's and we were so thrilled to be there...we checked in and the front desk was so nice.. luckily, this was a day before Nascar, so we barely avoided the rush... and the lady was so nice. She gave us a great room on a higher floor so we could enjoy a beautiful view for our romantic anniversary breakfast I was planning.

Night view through our very dirty hotel window! and this is a mobile photo. A great view of the new(ish) Cosmopolitan Hotel.... which we spent Sunday morning roaming around (see below).

But the first thing we did once we checked in was EAT! I heard that the Sugar Factory was having its grand opening the night before we arrived, so that's the first place we went....
The Husband hates taking photos... but i force him to!

I like to think of the sunlight as a halo around my angelic head... LOL. Totally kidding!

Our Goblet... 40 oz of Goin' Banana's fun drink with banana chips and dry ice to give the steaming effect!

As you can see, it's pretty much the size of my head! but we had to splurge!

and i enjoyed a grilled chicken harvest crepe... delicious!

The Cosmopolitan Hotel is located right between Aria and the Bellagio across from the Miracle Mile Shops. It has soooo many beautiful chandeliers!

Here I am posing with my Sugar Factory Coffee (with Baileys) while we took a stroll

Husband on the escalator. It was so early in Vegas, there were no people out (8:30 AM)

We were able to find a hotel employee who took a picture of us together as we strolled. We didn't plan to match, but somehow grey just seems to be a big part of our wardrobe!

Aren't the chandeliers lovely?

Our first 24 hours of Vegas was divine. Good food and lots of celebrations. We were just thrilled to be with each other "away" and it really didn't matter where, but Vegas always feels a bit like home for us! :)


  1. Looks like fun! I haven't been to Vegas in years but would love to go back soon.

  2. I LOVE Vegas!!! My mister and I have been there several times!! Not since the new Cosmo hotel opened though. I bet its magnificent!
    Happy ONE year! AGAIN! :)

  3. What a fun trip!! We have never been to Vegas but it's on our list! :)

  4. Congrats on your first anniversary!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary and your trip to Vegas. Isn't Vegas awesome? Of course, I'm biased since we married there 2 months ago!


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