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March 16, 2011

1 Year Anniversary Trip Recap {Part 2}

Our anniversary was great. We started with a room service breakfast...

And our dinner was absolutely fantastic... aside from one tiny glitch. We dined at Delmonico Steakhouse in the Venetian. Husband had checked it out and put some thought into it which made it very special. I underestimated the nice "stroll" and we had to dodge the bundles of folks that came out for Nascar as we walked down the strip...

We arrived and the restaurant was very nice. Quiet and romantic, we were sat in a dining area with a few other tables. Not all were couples, but the ambiance was romantic and quiet... you could almost hear a pin drop it was so beautifully silent.  Half way through our meal, for some reason they decided to seat a group of 20 21-yr olds who were out in the middle of this quiet and romantic room... Not sure what the thought process was considering the whole other half of the restaurant was still empty - but that's what they did. It definitely did ruin the ambiance and the mood, but we were intent on having a great meal... and that we did!

Dinner started off with a complimentary soup while we were perusing the cocktails menu... the bartender was more a mixologist, so just looking at the drink menu took awhile.
We ordered fried oysters on the half shell (which didn't even stand a chance for a photo b/c i scarfed them down...) and Husband had the Lobster Bisque... all delicious.

Before we left the Paris Hotel, Husband said that Delmonico had a meal called "Chateaubriand" but it was for two. And if we both wanted steak we should get this meal. I had no idea what it was - so Husband educated me on what it is. Well apparently, Husband had to google it himself, but ...
source: Wikipedia
It is basically the center cut of the tenderloin, so in essence, the tenderest part of the cow. whatever it was, it was dang good.
Cooked medium with some creamed spinach and mashed potatoes, this was a delicious meal...

Delmonico also gave us a complimentary Sorbet for our anniversary...

We were stuffed... everything was delicious.
and they even took a nice photo for us!

It was a great one year anniversary celebration filled with new experiences, great food and fun times..

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