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March 17, 2011

1st Year Anniversary Trip Recap {Sugar Factory}

Just wanted to share a few more pics of some Sugar Factory meals... we ate there once a day while we were there - so basically it was open 6 days, and we had stopped in at least 5 times for a meal and other times for just a visit.

If you go... i have to highly suggest at least two things that I am still craving there and ate twice...
The milkshakes... delicious. Seriously. I'm not a huge milkshake ice cream blah blah blah person, i mean, i do enjoy a good one here and there, but the Fluffer Nutter Milkshake was TOO DIE FOR! (i had it twice, once in the restaurant and once from the store/counter part).

Open faced breakfast sandwich... O M G... no seriously, O M G. Husband had it for breakfast one day and i only got a few bites. I had to go back and get another one... i could have just eaten the gravy and cheese on the fries! It was DELICIOUS!

And while most of the food in general was good there, the two things above... still make me drool at just the thought...

A couple other dishes enjoyed... Sugar factory Egg's benedict on Scalloped potatoes instead of the english muffin

Berry fruit crepe...

If you are in Vegas, definitely hit up the Sugar factory. Try to go for breakfast which is served from midnight to 11am... (they are 24 hrs), and the shakes taste better in the cold mugs served in the restaurant, but its still worth the 5.95 for the one at the ice cream counter... Such a fun place!!!


  1. oh wow. Looks amazing!! Congrats on your one year!! Mine is in about 3 more months. hmmm, I wonder what we're gonna do??

  2. which hotel was this in?


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