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March 30, 2011

Cherry Blossoms 2011

So i made it down to the tidal basin on Monday ... and even though a "work day", there were still quite a few people enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms that were out...

I posted photos on my Photo Blog, but here are two of my faves...

I love it when the blossoms appear, it's not just a beautiful thing to see in person but it is also amazing to see these bear trees turn into these gorgeous blossoms.

Have any of you gone down to the Cherry blossoms? What about seeing the distinct change in foliage in your area that tells you "Spring is here!"


  1. I need to make it down and am hoping it will warm up soon so that I can enjoy it!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. We're anxiously awaiting any sign of spring in MN. Soon... I hope!

  3. My husband is a photographer so he was especially ready for things to turn green around our parts! Slowly but surely things are a changing ;)

  4. My FAV!! Love cherry blossoms!!! We should probably schedule to take family pictures in the early spring when they bloom. What a pretty backdrop that would be : )


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