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March 06, 2011

Happy One Year Anniversary

One year ago today, my life became even more blessed than it was before... 
I said "I do" to a man who has since proven to be even more than I could ever have imagined 
as a spouse for myself. 
He has exceeded my hopes, fulfills my dreams daily 
loves me beyond what I can imagine... 
and for that, I can only hope to be a better person 
- someone the Husband can be proud of to have by his side - 
and I can only hope that my continued love, respect and honor for him will grow 
and be all that he deserves.

to my husband... I am just as thrilled to be by your side for one year today as your wife, your confidant and your support. I hope I can give you even a tenth of what you have given me.
Happy one year anniversary!


  1. Already? A year? Wow. Happy, Happy to you and the Mr!

  2. Happy Anniversary, AmyJean :)

  3. Wow it's been a year already!! That flew by! Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!! :)

  4. Happy Belated! Hope your anniversary was filled with amazement and love! Cheers, to you and Husband and to many many more happy years!


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