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March 31, 2011

thankful thursday

Today is thursday (insert cheers for the weekend) and I wanted to start off my day just thinking about a couple things I'm truly grateful for! It's not a special day for any reason other than, I am alive, I am loved and I am healthy.

So of course two creatures I am always so grateful for are our pups.

This is what he does when we snuggle on the couch. He curls up, Butt in my face and just lays with me... here is a picture of the view i had last night while taking 5 minutes on the sofa.

Our older pup isn't much of a cuddler, but on the rare occasion where he snuck up between the Husband and I and actually laid with his head on the pillow, I realized that he too fakes to not want the hugs, but loves the attention!

A bed big enough for the family to lay on. Thanks to my parents who recently got us this beauty, we can now all fit on the bed without being stacked one on top of the other. This is a small and trivial but BEAUTIFUL thing.

And although not the last thing I'm thankful for today, but a new addition into my life - the stone of Total awareness - Lapis Azuli - from my Yogi and dearest Friend who within the last year has inspired me with her beauty - both inward and outward. She told me that I should keep this stone with me and here's why: "The stone is lapis azuli. It is called the 'stone of total awareness' as it atunes intuitive psychic aspects of one's nature. It's element is water and it energizes the throat chakra (look up fifth chakra/vishuddha chakra). It symbolizes universal truth and friendship. Energies of it are said to bring harmony to relationships and is powerful for those who seek spiritual development, mental clarity and emotional healing. It is strengthening for the mind and body, cleansing toxins and negativity and boosting the immune system. It enhances judgment and wisdom. It also protects from physical and psychic attacks. It is good for insomnia and helps to regulate the thyroid. Buddhists believed it brought peace of mind to its wearers."

My yogi/friend always encourages me strive to improve myself physically through yoga, but with each practice she reminds me of the mental, spiritual and emotional growth that I develop through my practice as well.

And ultimately that leads me to one of my biggest thanks of all, and that is that I am healthy. Sure I can complain constantly about my size, my weight, my pimple or my crooked tooth - but at the end of the day I am healthy. I have all my fingers and toes, all the uses of my limbs and most of the use of my brain that is attached to this fairly healthy body. And today my goal is to strive to treat my body the way it deserves - to try to be healthy and encouraging and to attempt to get out of this food funk by reminding myself that what I put into my body is as important as the exercise i put out.

So what are you thankful for today? Anything that you take for granted that you'd like to take a moment to really focus on and send positive energies towards reminding yourself to be ever so grateful for one more beautiful day on this earth?

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  1. I am also thankful for puppy. who is keeping my feet warm as I type. and kindergarten children as they are just so sweet and kind hearted


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