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May 03, 2011

For the Love of BREAD...

OMG... people. Stop what you are doing.... Penn Quarter DC just got the coolest cafe/restaurant/bakery/patisserie... Paul Patisserie is finally in DC. A french chain...Paul Maison De Qualite Fondee En 1889 is a chain, but not "chain store" the way we think of here in the states. The food is quality, freshly baked daily and just oozes with amazing goodness... Trust me I know. I had this first hand from the DC location Thursday night for a soft opening for neighboring residents... the baguette (not pictured) was simply AMAZING!!!

so good, I had to share... I've been dying for some good fresh bread and almond croissants like I ate in St. Maarten, and Paul Patisserie USA In DC's Penn Quarter exceeded my expectation... so much so that I returned for their soft opening on Friday only to find that they had limited hours. But I didn't walk away empty handed, some "left over" fresh baked Bread (this pretzel shaped bread with black olives and olive oil) and devoured it all before I even returned home.

The next day, Saturday was one more day of a "soft" opening for Paul Patisserie, so i returned with my friend their for lunch. We sat by the window and enjoyed a delicious lunch (I had the Salade Atlantique - Smoked Salmon Salad) and just chatted. The way you don't get to in so many of the restaurants around town who just want to flip the table for the next customers. The staff here is super friendly and nice. There is a genuine delight of coming to the Penn Quarter neighborhood, and hopefully they realize what excitement this has brought to the neighborhood!

When I left Saturday afternoon, I took with me another one of those delicious olive bread thingies, A Chocolate beignet (this was so delicious. Not fried, chocolate filled donut), a Chocolate and Almond Croissant (WOW!) and another almond croissant ... see picture above!

I can not wait for their patio seating to come in b/c that neighborhood gem is gonna become a local hangout!

If you are in the neighborhood... or just in the vicinity - be sure to stop by. It's right on Pennsylvania Ave (801 Pennsylvania Ave NW) across from the entrance of the Archives metro station. You will be so happy you did!

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