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April 12, 2011

"Larry Day"

 Last week, I was invited to screen the movie "Bridesmaids" and my husband volunteered to go with me. My first reaction was "No No, you don't have to!" and then "Why, is there no Yankee game on?"... then i said "Well, i guess if you get stuck watching any 'chick flick' with me, this is probably the most enjoyable one for you."... Turns out he was setting me up to have his own "Larry Day" on Saturday.

What is "Larry Day" you ask?... well its off the concept from one of our favorite shows we watch together - Rules of Engagement and one of the characters dub "Jeff Day". The Husband and I often laugh about how similar the character Jeff and he are, and at times i find comfort that the Husband is not as bad as Jeff, and other times, amusement that he can be even more barbaric than Jeff...

I couldn't find a great clip, but from this commercial about a new time and date for the show - they show a small clip as to what "Jeff Day" is ...

So, the Husband has been working hard, practically daily since our Vegas trip and daily prior to that but for my surgery day. So at the beginning of last week, he sent me an email titled "Weekly schedule" and this is what it looked like:

Monday:  Work
Today:  Work
Wednesday: Work then Movie in Georgetown
Thursday:  Work then Fondue Cruise
Friday:  Work
Saturday:  Larry takes a "Larry Day" (i.e. i dont work or do anything but play video games and watch baseball lol)
Sunday: Work half day, eat Lincoln diner whenever you are up and ready to eat, i'll meet you there
He had it all planned out in his pretty little head of his...  So of course I agreed, but i just asked "well do i have to stay out of the condo all day then?" and he said that it'd be fine, I could stay at home but could not interrupt his "Larry day".
While "Jeff Day" proved more interesting than "Larry Day" - here's another clip from the end of that episode... after Jeff sees the cleaning lady in his favorite t-shirt and tries to tell her to take it off, and even offers her money for it. She takes it as him trying to prostitute her and Audrey has to rush home to solve things (per usual)...

The day proved uneventful for us both. I laid around and did nothing as well did not seem very different with what the Husband does most evenings when he gets home from work, but he said the key was "I don't have to work today"... so i let him enjoy it. Because sooner or later, he will have a hard time even getting a "Larry afternoon"

Is there anything you do with your partner/SO/husband or wife that gives you time to just enjoy the day? And how do you enjoy it? Do you like to do outdoor activities together or separately? Or perhaps individually or jointly do a hobby together?


  1. I've just recently requested that we have "Divorce Day". That sounds terrible, doesn't it? It's really not. My husband has always gone fishing. I don't enjoy this hobby so he goes by himself. Before having kids, this was a nice day for me as well because it was always a day that I could count on to be able to have a whole day to myself to do whatever I wanted. And since fishing days are always nice days, I always had a beautiful day to spend with myself. Now we have children. My husband still has his fishing days once the season opens, but I no longer have the day all to myself. Divorce Day is more for me I guess. It's day (once a month) where we pretend we are divorced and it's his day of visitation. He takes the kids out of the house if I want to spend my day home cleaning uninterupted, or he stays home with them and I go wherever I want to go without any phone calls wondering when I will return. I will get to use my first d-day in a couple of weeks, and I can't wait!

  2. I saw that episode!! TOO funny! My fiance can be like Jeff sometimes too... haha!


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