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April 25, 2011

Spring Health Resolutions

Now that the better weather seems to be upon us (knock on wood) and outdoor activities can resume, I'm considering attempting this whole "running" thing again. While I absolutely hate it, I've worked my way up to 5 minute spurts with walking in between on a treadmill doing the C25K program. Once (and only once) I actually ran 20 minutes straight and that about killed me... but i'm hoping taking the activity outdoors can help.

While I try to take the pups with me to the mall, i feel that while I'm "learning" to run - i may need to focus on that and now the two crazy dogs going every which way and trying to eat anything they find while on our walks/runs...

So i'm looking to my readers for advice on this. I'm not a runner. I can elliptical until the world ends, but i know that incorporating a 3 mile run 3x a week could change up my work outs drastically and actually make a huge difference.

Also, a couple other Health resolutions is to try to do more yoga. Currently, I take a Monday night class, but i'd like to do a little more - this will depend on my fave yogi's schedule - but that doesn't mean i can't do 15-20 minutes of sun salutations while at home to help me warm up or warm down from a work out.

I'd like to get the puppies out more... with the nice weather so they can get out and see some sun. When it gets too hot, its hard for them, but i do think they would enjoy more nice weather.

Diet wise, I'm going to try to eat smarter. Really focus on what is going into my body... but that's a hard resolution that will take daily reminders.

Do any of you have any new goals now that the weather is getting nicer? Any advice to help stick to them?


  1. Hi Dear - add weights! It has done wonders. And if you can afford it - get a trainer, even for once a week to help you learn what you need to do to reshape your self. Despite all of my training in my background with personal training - the effects of age and babies really changed my body and what it needed. I have been meeting with a trainer since January 3. I'm now done 30 pounds. I have another 40 to go but at least now I am much more motivated since I have seen results. The weight lifting sessions did wonders in reshaping. Also - I have decided I am not a runner too. So instead of trying to kill my body or forcing it to do something that is not natural consequently ending in failure through giving up - I swim... I had an hour of swimming two to three nights a week and that does as much for and more than running ever did. ok - those are mis dos pesos.

    You are strong and beautiful - you CAN DO IT.

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  3. Hi :) I've started the C25K app as well (
    and while it's not easy - it definitely helps me. I used to ALWAYS give up earlier - but the app actually helps me try not to give up as easily. You can always redo a week if you don't feel ready for the next - I've doubled up on a few days before.

    Also, a suggestion a friend of mine gave me - is try jogging instead of running at first...and once jogging is "too easy" then begin running - I did that and it was ALOT easier...actually most of the time I do it outside and once I actually tried it on the treadmill (I think I like the change of scenery better).

    I agree with the weights - I'm adding those as well!

    All the best!


  4. I'm actually gonna try out cross fit for a while. If I can find time between, yoga twice a week, gym, 3 times a week and bike riding. Oh and did I mention I'm trying to fit pilates in there too....yeah just too much. I'll let you know how the crossfit goes.
    I'm not a runner. I'll job on occasion but not much.
    Happy Healthy Spring!

  5. Now that the weather is NICE and not 120 degrees (like it will be next month here in AZ lol), I am getting out and walking more. I have to enjoy this weather now before it quickly vanishes.
    Also, I am going to eat healthier. The hubby and me are going grocery shopping today and all I have on my list are healthy foods! And now is the time. They have sales on a lot of fruit!


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