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April 21, 2011

Well Adjusted Tiger Cub

So while on the subject of parenting... something I don't have first hand knowledge about, but still - feel I can have my judgments (i try not to make them harsh and keep most to myself  >.< ) I recently stumbled across a new blog, and I wanted to share...

The new blog is written by a young girl, merely the age of 18 - a high school senior, yet i find her humor funny, her writing mature and can sense her intellect behind the humor that she writes with.  Her name is Sophia and she has a blog called a New Tiger in Town.  That's right folks... it's Thee "Tiger Mother's" (from this post) Tiger Cub herself....

Pretty and intelligent, and we all know darn talented, she has started off with a few posts - mostly q&a type stuff, but I hope she continues to blog on her journey through college and life as a "tiger cub".

I like her and the blog, b/c I think it shows you can be a tiger parent and do it right. You can encourage, support, and instill a discipline in your children while loving them and showering them with affection. Not all Tiger parenting is bad... and on the flip side, not all is good...

So I happily find that this "tiger cub" seems like a normal and VERY well adjusted high school teen...

Enjoy, i especially found her calculation of play dates hilarious! :)

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