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May 02, 2011

A day to remember!

Last night, my husband and I fell asleep fairly early. I won't lie and pretend I'm a big night person... I'm not - so i'm in bed fairly early, but the Husband went to AC saturday night for a bachelor party, and that 24 hr period of being apart - really made us miss each other. So while we laid in bed watching TV around 10pm EST - we see "BREAKING NEWS" interrupt our cable program notifying us that as early as 10:30 PM EST President Obama was going to make a statement. We looked at each other a little confused and said "hmm, i wonder what it could be" ... and as we jokingly went back and forth as to what it potentially it could be - we fell asleep without seeing what the news was. I slept peacefully holding hands with my Husband who i was even more grateful for in his 24 hr absence - cheesy I know, but very true.

This morning I awoke to the news... realizing that only a mere blocks away the night before - people were celebrating in front of the White House in jubilation. We could have been there. We could have joined in the celebration if we had waited a bit or gone on a social network to see what the impending news could have been. And for a moment, I felt sad. We missed a momentous occasion in history...

But i realized this... but for the work and services of our military, the opportunities and choices of - lying in bed with my husband feeling safe and secure; or joining a party with other Americans in front of the White house - would never be afforded to me. The feeling of sleeping peacefully and safe is something that we take for granted and in the news of the past 24 hrs, i have to say this...

I am reminded of how fortunate we are as Americans. I am grateful for all that our military does to protect us. And while political and religious ideologies may differ from person to person, one thing should remain the same, we are a Great nation, but with that there is Great responsibility. We can't be one without the other - so while we may not all agree with the government's choices and we may disagree with various actions, in a moment like now - we should take a moment to remember the victims - from 9/11, from military actions, from the repercussions of those events and the families of those people.

I am a grateful and proud person today. I know that there are untold sacrifices that I can't even imagine and that there is still much more work to do - but for today, i thrive in my gratitude and acknowledge that I am lucky.

God Bless the USA and our military.
God Bless those all over the world who risk their lives to protect others.


  1. You are so right, there is still work to be done. And Americans should be grateful for the freedoms that they wake up and to and which are afforded to them every day. I have two close friends serving overseas right now....a married couple, they have never lived together, never been domiciled together. The wife is in Afghanistan, the husband was in Iraq. Their only prayer for the last year was to one day live together as husband and wife (they both got the call for active duty two days before their wedding). Even as news spreads across the glob I worry about the repercussions and for all our troops still overseas.

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