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May 11, 2011

Dog Travel Issues

Lately, when we treck up to my In-laws, we've been giving our eldest pup (Juneau the Husky) some medicine. He isn't comfy in car rides, stands for a majority of the ride and his back leg starts to shake. The medicine should ease any discomfort he has physically, but I think emotionally it's not helping...

This past weekend, this is what I saw when i turned to the back of our car...

Somehow both dogs decided to avoid the comfy dog bed we have laid out or the blanket and Kota (the Shiba) decides to wedge himself into a back corner to stare at the BACK of the car... and then Juneau decides he wants over there too...

I mean this can't be comfortable... but eventually Juneau laid down a bit, was laying on Kota's tail which Kota hates, but just sat through....

and eventually, they were like this...
A friend said he had his big dog do that to the little one and thought she was being a jerk, until he realized it was b/c he wanted to be closer to her b/c he was nervous... is that what is going on here? Perhaps what looks to me as uncomfy is actually what they both want as brothers?

Do you have dog travel issues? We've tried the meds and putting the dog bed out and blankets, but nothing seems to ease Juneau's travel issues while Kota couldn't care either way... Any suggestions are helpful!


  1. Xanex. . . really, ask your vet. It's an anti-anxiety med that works really well in dogs. Give before the trip and every 12 hours as needed. Sedatives may also work, but just make them sleepy without taking the anxiety away - so they are scared and can't move. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi,

    You don't know me, but I found your blog because I'm starting to plan my wedding and somehow clicked around and ended up here on your blog :-))... I used to be a dog trainer, so I thought I could give you my suggestions in case you haven't tried them yet - have you tried slowly reintroducing your pup to the car step by step? And by step by step, I mean, teeny tiny little bitty baby steps: starting by having him associate the car with fun/tasty things -ie have him get in the car and give him a treat, or play with him w/ his fave toy (he might not want to, in which case, his being food motivated would be much better..) then let him back out. next step after he's comfortable with that step/doesn't display any anxiety... have him get in car, click in your seatbelt, then give him treat, and then if he seems comfy, wait a little, then give him another treat, then let him back out.. then move to driving him around the block, with someone else giving him treats, and then come back home and let him back out, then gradually getting him used to longer and longer car trips. This would presumably be over the course of several weeks, letting him get used to and over his anxiety if he has any at each step..and taking it back another step if he seems too stressed at a certain step (for instance, if getting in the car, even, seems stressful, maybe you can just open the trunk, and sit on there with the back open and do the treat thing that way so he doesn't feel so enclosed).

    It may just be the cramped space, or that he's not used to being inside of the moving car,or maybe he associates the car with something bad, whether it's because he only gets in the car whenever he's going somewhere stressful, or something stressful has happened to him in a car before.

    Anyway, haha.. that's my best suggestion given how little I know about you/your dog's situation... I'm sure anti-anxiety meds would be a quicker fix, but doing the training might just help ease him emotionally, and be a more permanent fix if you are willing to make the time to do it... hope this helps a little. :-)


  3. PS - sorry for the massive novel! I didn't know how to say it more concisely w/o being completely vague.


  4. awww i loveeee them they are so freakin cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think Juneau is trying to be comforted by Kota ... and that's probably why Kota is not protesting.

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