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May 25, 2011

Sunrise Rooftop Yoga

The building I live in has brought back Sunrise Rooftop Yoga and I couldn't be happier. Today was our first class of the year and it was great.

While the sounds of the city bustling around us get louder and louder, my thoughts are brought into my practice as we spend that short 60 minutes focusing on our bodies and minds.

Lately, i've been practicing more and more every week. Trying Flow Yoga, Yogalates, Astanga yoga and learning to practice at different times...

Each session builds my body and my mind. Each 60 - 75 minutes I can feel the strength build in my arms.

It is so amazing how your body continues to change and adapt and improve...

I absolutely love it.

Do you do any type of activity that just helps you release your stress and refocus on bringing good energy into your body? Do you do yoga? What's your favorite kind?


  1. So cool, I love yoga! My favorite kind is power vinyasa- I love how you can get a strenuous workout and stretch/relax simultaneously.

  2. Wow....Nice..I dont know this yoga,,,but i will trying to this posture......
    Yoga Teacher Trainig

  3. Yoga is good for our health .It removes stress.


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