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June 02, 2011

Pittsburgh, Exploring {cont'd}

so we continued to explore downtown along the water front and came to what is sometimes referred to as "the best ballpark in baseball"... and we could see why. The ballpark sits on the water and is just beautiful

I made the Husband pose for a few photos...

This was behind the wall to the left of where my Husband stood...

And for fun, we compared feet sizes

Unbeknownst to me, we stumbled upon this memorial for Korean War Veterans, which always gives me pause to say thanks!

This was the view from the ballpark on one of the bridges ...

And a marker which shows the floodline from 2004

Of course no walk is complete without a photo of Heinz field, where the Steelers play. Also a beautiful stadium... right on the water!

This is the point... where you can walk or bike to and just sit and enjoy the beauty before you!

And as we continued to walk back towards Station Square where we were staying, I looked back to capture this image!

And of course, a pic of me and the Hubs... :) It was a bright sunny day, so the hat was useful but i prob should have put my sunglasses on!

We continued to walk back and right as we crossed the bridge, I snapped a photo of where the wedding recpetion would take place... The Grand Concourse!

After a hot sweaty morning of a lot of walking, we finally made it back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. It was such a great morning of quality time spent, a beautiful city explored and anticipation of witnessing a beautiful ceremony later in the day... stay tuned for those photos!  :)


  1. Hi Amy Jean!
    Hope all's well with you. I still follow and keep an eye on your blog, but now that I'm married, I admit I blog and read blogs less. It's odd, I had all these things to say and all this blog information to absorb while I was planning a wedding ... and now I want to still have a creative outlet but it's like I have writer's block. Unlike you - you've taken so far off!

    Anyway, not sure if you even remember me ... but I thought I'd mention my friend's entered a contest to win her wedding dress. If you're so inclined, could you promote it on my blog? You can read more information about it tomorrow Holy Hanna ... Wholly Krista (my new blog that I barely post on) or Canadian Bride (my old blog that I used to post on lots). They're scheduled posts for 6am.

    I also posted a brief bit of information on your facebook page.

    I hope you can help, but if you're too busy or this isn't the kinda thing for you now, I'll understand. I get it!

  2. Oh wow! Looks like you had great fun!

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