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July 27, 2011

6 Week Pre-Natal Appointment

Our first appointment with my gynecologist was at the six week mark. I had already gone in for a Beta the week before, so we knew we were pregnant and the Dr. mentioned coming in the next week. Since my gynecologist no longer does obstetrics, he mentioned I would probably need to see one of his colleagues but that for the first appointment, I could see him.

Little did I know, our first REAL appointment usually doesn't take place til week 10. So I dragged the Husband along with me for what I hoped was not a waste of time, but was worried when the nurse said "well I don't know what Dr. X can do for ya, but let's wait here for him".

Well, when my Dr came in - he was very excited for us. He was with me from the diagnosis of the Fibroid & Cyst so he knew we were going to be trying soon for a baby... He casually said "well let's see if we can see anything... don't be alarmed if we don't - it doesn't mean anything b/c you are AWFULLY early, but let's go ahead and try!" to which I was thrilled...

And this is what we saw - the picture is doctored since we texted a few friends with it... but here you go:

You can see that the yolk sac is in the uterus and starting to grow. We actually saw it glimmer b/c there was a heartbeat and both my Husband and I were in awe that so quickly a little miracle was developing into a baby... Heartbeat at 6 weeks? My goodness LOL. I had/have a lot to learn about what's to come ...

Needless to say, our first appointment was a great success. I love my Dr but was sad that he no longer delivered babies, so I made an appointment with another Dr in the same practice. On our way back to work, My Husband looked over at me and said "I'm so happy!" which of course made me thrilled... We are blessed!

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