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July 07, 2011

Announcing the Pregnancy to Daddy

As you saw in our little video montage yesterday (click here if you missed it), I videotaped the big announcement as to when we told the Husband.  Our pups are not ones we dress up, as you can tell by their fluff - they never need a winter sweater and in the summer would probably be shaven if it didn't do harm to their skin. And in the video and the pics below, you can tell that Juneau (the Husky) was especially unhappy being forced into these adorable tees I had prepared but they survived (times 3). Sometimes I wish i had dogs I could easily dress up b/c I'm sorry, it is just so dang cute but alas, i guess our pups are special occasion dress up pups!

In January, we had a chemical (Read my post about Pregnant for a Day), and in my haste I just ran over to immediately tell my Husband in no special way but to show him the stick. Now don't get me wrong, the news is so exciting, there really is nothing better than the actual news itself, but since i'm a planner - i told myself during my post-op recovery period, let's plan a cute way to tell my Husband that we're pregnant when the time comes in the future.

So i scoured the internet and googled "cute ways to announce your pregnant" and saw a lot of different ways you could suprise the father with the baby announcement
- Plan a dinner of foods all baby related (baby carrots, baby corn, veal, etc... anything that's baby X)
- any kind of enjoyable dinner and a present
- Propose fatherhood
- prepare a bun in the oven
- Dress up siblings with a shirt that exclaims "big brother/sister"
- make/buy a card from the baby
- a letter announcement
- buy him a piggy bank and tie a note that says "baby's college fund, only 18 yrs and 9 months to save" or something similar
- put it in a fortune cookie
 and so on...

Well, FryBean doesn't have any human siblings, but our pups are the best "siblings" next to human ones - so that's what I did. Even though they hate wearing shirts and even though my husband hates seeing them forced into something, I made an exception.

I reached out on Etsy to a great shop called Mia's Closet. Carrie designs, creates and makes some great puppy items and was such a pleasure to work with (definitely check out her store). I didn't know when I would get that positive sign, so she worked with me to change the wording for one item, figure out sizing as well as quickly ship the item - i highly recommed her and her store!

So that is what you see in the video... a little warm up with the pups in the bedroom while I told the Husband to sit and wait on the couch. The pups weren't happy and didn't really follow my cue i.e., come out together calmly and sit in front of their Dad so he could read their shirts. Instead Kota (Shiba) came out, Juneau needed encouragement b/c of his fear of the wood floors and it was a bit of a cluster. The Husband said he was more concerned with the fact that they were wearing shirts than what it said, but after forcing him to read them... he finally figured it out (it took a few minutes and perhaps actually showing him the positive digi test!)...

Here are some stills of the adorable big(gest) brothers in their super cute shirts. (which by the way, we used two more times to surprise family with !! and now they are cute keepsakes for our baby)

Did you announce your pregnancy to the Father in any special way? How'd you think of it? Any creative suggestions to share?

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