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July 11, 2011

Baby Watch: Week 12

The confusing thing about telling time with this whole pregnancy thing is that some sites use your current week as the number while others use that as the week you've just encountered. So to measure things in a way I can understand, I'll tell you what week the Baby is... Fetus Age: 9 weeks!
According to (FF), our baby is entering the 12th week... why? Well FF uses this note to explain...

"Note: This page displays information for the coming week. For example if you are 14 weeks 3 days pregnant, you will see information for week 15. Technically you would be entering week 15 so this information would be relevant to what you are currently experiencing. Information for week 14 would be what you have already experienced. "  (Source:

Other sites, take your week completed and keep you at that week. So some sites are telling me that today i'm at Week 11. But since i've been using FF from the beginning, I'll just go by what they tell me :)
So here is our Weekly Info:

So all you wanted to know, right?  And yes, I'm that person who tried to listen to the heartbeat with a stethoscope, and let me tell you... IT DOES NOT WORK! LOL

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