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July 26, 2011

Telling the Maternal Grandparents...

After a lot of thought, it turned out that telling my parents was something that I had to do not as I initially planned. We had decided we wanted to tell family in person, and seeing as I was going to CA for my neice's birthday - it was the perfect time. The following weekend, we were going to NJ for Father's Day, so while it wasn't ideal b/c it wasn't at the exact same time - telling in person was our priority.

At the last minute, my brother, sil and neice & nephew decided to come visit. A week before my visit back home. We had already ordered some T-shirts from Vistaprint so we knew how we wanted to tell our family, but now - things had changed.

I knew it was important that the parents knew before the siblings, so I created a text message out of a photo I took earlier in the day from my 6th week...

I called my mom to ensure they were together, and said "i Texted dad" and proceeded to text my father. My mom said "ok" and then hung up on me.

I called her back and said "don't hang up!" and she's like Ok, whats up... (not in so many of her korean words)... as I'm stalling, I said "did you get my text?" She said my dad had gone upstairs to get his phone... I told her she needed to see it too and not to hang up the phone. so she carried me up the stairs with her via her cell phone and this is what I heard in the background.

Mom: "amy says i need to see it too..."
Dad: silence
Mom: "Amy says i need to see the text message..."
Dad: "Amy has a baby, due January 30 next year"
Mom: "What is January 30?"
Dad: "Baby"
Mom: "What baby?"
Dad: "AMY has a BABY!!!!"

LOL. It was hilarious. And of course they were thrilled. While we had cute shirts made for them and I wanted to tell them in person, my mom agreed that they wanted to (and needed) to know first and that the way I improvised was perfect! She said I already looked 3 months at 6 weeks and to be careful. My father said he didn't want me to go to the night baseball game (weird comment) and not to lift heavy things.

I reminded my mother to not tell anyone for a few more weeks until we were ready... 10 times I probably reminded her. I said "let's keep this our intimate family secret for now" she laughed and said she had no one else to share it with besides my father who'd be as happy as she is (little did i know what was to come)!

All in all, it wasn't what we planned...but it worked out perfectly!

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