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July 19, 2011

Why Men Don't give Birth

I got a small glimpse into why GOD has created it so that women give birth as opposed to men. What was this "glimpse" you ask?

Saturday evening started very uneventful... mostly just hanging out at home, the Husband watching his baseball game and me chillin' in the bedroom with the adorable pup ... see how adorable he is when he sleeps?

As we got ready to take the pups on their evening walk, the Husband complained of a pressure - an urge to pee but nothing coming out. I told him to drink some cranberry juice when we got back from the walk. So we went outside and walked the pups. On the way back towards the condo, the Husband started complaining of a pressure near his groin/bottom of tummy area... luckily we made it back in and he laid down. About 20 minutes later, i see him pacing to and from the bathroom several times and complaining of the pain now shifting to his right lower back...

I called my cousin who is a Dr and she said to check if he had a pinched nerve, by having him lay on his back and lift his leg. At this point i knew I wasn't getting him to do anything because he was in pain. The pressure was there but it was like waves of stabbing pain. I went over to him at one point and he was DRENCHED in sweat. Once I saw that I knew things were not ok. I asked her "Could it be kidney stones?" to which she responded "definitely, tap on his lower back area"... to which i wasn't getting near b/c the Husband wasn't allowing that.

At one point he was writhing in pain on the bed... near tears and screaming/yelling. He claimed it made him feel better. Then it would subside and then the stabbing pain would return. I told him i thought it was a kidney stone and he said he had one about 7 years ago but it wasn't nearly this painful. So at that point, i just crossed my fingers and hoped that's All it was.

Finally, I said i think we should go to the ER.... He acquiesced b/c he was in so much pain but said we should take an ambulance since they would admit him faster if we did it that way. Plus with DC traffic who knew how long it could take us...

So that's what we did. Called 911 (my first call ever). The ambulance came (my first ride in an ambulance ever). and we went to the ER (my first time in the ER ever). 

Luckily our EMTs were pretty awesome and cool. They made the not so awesome experience pleasant with small chit chat which helped to keep the Husbands mind off the pain as much as possible. We even scored a "stop on by any time you see us cookin' out, we always make plenty of BBQ" b/c apparently the DCFD/EMT have their own BBQ team that cooks out in competitions nation wide! They were pretty awesome which really made a scary experience less scary.

Husband was checked into a room, given an IV and pain meds and then after that, while he felt the pressure he did not feel the pain. He eventually passed the stone that night at the ER (i have a picture of it but am forbidden to post it!). I will admit, I was shocked to see something so tiny cripple my Husband the way it did. We were at the ER for about 4 hours and everyone there (with the exception of one grouchy lady) was very nice and reassuring.

See how happy Hubby looks below with meds...

All I can say, some people pass kidney stones with pain but not needing medical attention, but if you feel pain in your lower back, you get chills, feel nauseous and/or vomiting - get to the ER. Even if its not appendicitis and a kidney stone, they can at least rehydrate you and get you meds to make the pain bearable.

And this my friends is why God did not intend for man to give birth. A kidney stone about the size of ( ) made my Husband crumble in pain to his knees. Could you imagine a baby? and sure its not a perfect comparison b/c where it comes out of is not the same size etc, but I still think its the same conclusion... in my opinion, us strong beautiful women are just better equipped ...

And in case you were wondering, the Husband is recovering VERY well... 100x better than he was in those few hours of intense pain.


  1. My SIL gets kidney stones. She said it was worse than having her daughter. And her daughter weighed 9lbs. Glad to hear your hubs is feeling better.

  2. I hope your hubs has a speedy recovery! Although I've heard that kidney stones can hurt more than childbirth. Regardless, I still think men should HAVE to give birth--after all, it's usually the woman who has to take on more of the actual work once the kid is born, so I think it would be a lot more fair for the guys to at least take on some of the painful aspects. Of course, I'm a huge pain wimp! ;)

  3. The thought of kidney stones, small or large, makes me cringe. There must be a difference in pain receptors between men and women....that must be it. I've heard that kidney stones have brought strong men to tears before. For goodness sake!

  4. I've had friends who've given birth and had kidney stones and swear the kidney stones are worse. I've had neither and can't even imagine.

  5. Hope Larry gets back to 100% asap.


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