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August 22, 2011

Baby Watch: Week 18

Finished off a full 17 weeks and beginning my 18th week, I feel pretty good. My Mom is visiting me, while my Dad is also here but for work. So I've got my mom feeding me tons :)

This week, they say the baby is about the size of a TURNIP!
Source: Baby Center

A big Korean favorite for pregnant and breast-feeding moms is MiyukGuk, Seaweed/plant soup. It definitely taste better than it translates, so my mom had my uncle in Kwangju, Korea send me a BIG box that included this and some other good for you items (Gim - Seaweed, think California Roll wrapper and MyulChi - dried anchovies).
And of course, it's what my momma's been cooking! I love having her here... nothing feels as good as home cooked food while pregnant! and she's been cooking us up a storm ... I'm glad the Baby will get good Korean food while in the womb, it will get him/her ready for all that is in store for her/him when s/he arrives!  :)


  1. Have a great time with your mom! It's awesome that she's here to share this special time with you.

  2. i'm glad you get to have your mom there with you! that's awesome :) i loved reading the developments of the baby too. pretty interesting to me. though, the hemorrhoids don't sound lovely at ALLL lol.


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