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August 29, 2011

Baby Watch: Week 19

Just got back from the OB's for our appointment. He did the doppler for the heartbeat and said it was around 140. He said it was a strong heartbeat! :)

We went over a few things, questions and what not. While we didn't have too many questions, we did go over something that was SHOCKING for me. He revealed that my Blood type was AB. Now you may think, that's not so shocking, but my whole life, my mom said I was B - just like my dad. For over 30 years, I thought I was Type B Blood. And you are still probably thinking, no big deal... but in Korean Culture, your blood type is a big deal. Many people will ask b/c they feel it reveals insights into one's personalities - similar to how Westerners use astrological signs. So in a way, its knowing you were an Aquarius your whole life, only to be told you are now a Sagittarius ... So i'm still reeling from the shock!

But back to baby news, My back has been hurting a lot more lately, but i try not to complain and realize its all for the baby. My center of gravity is shifting and thus, causing some pain. But i'm using this neck massager thing i bought years ago that i never used b/c it didn't help my neck, that now is awesome for my back - thank GOD we kept it all these years :)

So onto Week 19 Baby watch.
Source: Baby Center


  1. Glad the baby's healthy and strong! That's too crazy about your blood type being different than you thought, too. It's kind of like taking on a different identity.

  2. Prior to getting pregnant I had no idea what my blood type was, apparently I'm A+. My mom said your blood type goes by what your father is. My father is AB which means I could have been AB, A or B. Not sure what my hubby's is.

  3. Welcome to AB family:) how come my Ob didn't say anything about my blood type? That's weird@.@ anyways, it's exciting that your baby is doing well:)

  4. yay for a strong heart beat! that's great news! as for the blood type, how crazy! i'm B- so i think i'd be weirded out too if i found out i wasn't!

  5. whoa! there's all these sayings and stereotypes of AB types. totally changes my view of you (kd!)
    did you ask about the gender of your baby?


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