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August 02, 2011

Hearing our Baby's Heartbeat

On Monday, we went in to our routine OB appointment. It went quickly... very quickly. The OB took but a few seconds to place the doppler on my belly so we could hear the baby's heartbeat. It sounded like a whooshing... but was a patterned consistent sound, so we knew it was the baby's heartbeat. I wish we could have heard it longer or seen the baby at the appointment, but apparently - that's not what we do at this 14/15 wk appointment. (Full 14 wks completed, entering the 15th week).

I'll be honest, i've been dying to hear the baby's heartbeat. So much so, i took my mom's blood pressure stethoscope thing and tried hearing for the heartbeat... to no avail. Yes, I know... as my brother said to me when I told him "you are a donkey!" LOL but i figured why not give it a try. 

I am grateful for this appointment though. The past few weeks I've been a bit worried. You see, having no symptoms or very little symptoms makes it hard to tell if the Baby is in there. I know it sounds paranoid but at least the effects of the little one is felt. For me, with hardly any symptoms, i just kept worrying... but the heartbeat was strong and steady. The Dr. said about 150beats a minute... or so he claimed. He said the same thing last time but didn't really even measure it on the sonogram - so i'm skeptical.

I'm contemplating renting a pre-natal doppler just for peace of mind but its not very cheap... have any of you tried that?

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