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August 16, 2011

Our Baby's hearbeat, at my whim...

So I recently went on this great blog (From Match to Marriage, have you seen it?) where she talks about the "Best sound in the world" and discusses the various reasons as to why you should/shouldn't buy your own fetal doppler... and links to a site where you can buy one for a mere $50 bucks (Click Here). That's right!

Now I can go over the various reasons as to why you shouldn't buy a doppler and mostly its for the stress in case you don't find/hear the heartbeat.  And y'all know I wanted to rent/buy one (my post here) b/c I didn't feel that My OB really let us listen very long and would help alleviate worries, but the few sites I found were way too pricey ($50/month to rent, and over $200 to buy)... Many people suggested I don't buy one b/c I may stress or that it was an unnecessary expense.

But for $52 bucks, I was sold. And when it arrived - I reminded myself... Do not stress if you can't find the heartbeat. And luckily, i did b/c it took me over 10 minutes to find the heartbeat... but i did.

And i won't lie, sometimes it does take a while to find the heartbeat, and other times its instant. Most often, our baby seems to be quite the mover and shaker, so I'll find his/her Heartbeat and then it'll drift and I lose it after a few seconds... but this is what i've noticed... the baby is most active in the am it seems ranging up to 160, sleeping after dinner with a low heart rate, and mid afternoon was in 130's

I'm so happy that I found that info on the From Match to Marriage Blog and have no regrets spending a little money to get to hear our baby's heartbeat as often as I want :)


  1. Awww I'm so glad my blog helped you out and you got one! Isn't it great?! Sometimes it would take me a few minutes but I always found it. You just have to remember how small they are and there is still a lot of room in there for them to hide. I haven't used mine a while since I can now feel him moving around which is awesome but there is still something really cool about hearing the actual heartbeat.

  2. I love her blog & yours! How amazing to be able to hear the baby anytime you want.

  3. And you have just learned the first thing about parenting... always follow your own instinct ;~) Advice is great but no one knows better than you ;~) I'm glad you found it for a steal and that you can listen to Baby Fry whenever you want!


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