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August 10, 2011

Silly things Daddy says {#1}

  • Reading Baby Bargains - says we will need 100diapers/wk for first 6 weeks!   Husband says "you should learn to sew...and make diapers out of Juneau hair!"
Apparently he meant to make cloth diaper covers by knitting dog hair into a faux fur cover, not that we'd use the hair to absorb the baby doo doo and pee pee.  Although, at first I wasn't sure... Crazy man. No child needs Faux Fur Diapers! LOL


    1. Yay. congrats on your new blog. Uncle L. says some funny stuff. hehe but cloth diapers are NG for sure.

    2. LOL -- I am going with disposable diapers all the way once it's my turn!

    3. I LOVE the font. Very suitable for baby topics. And the intro.

    4. lol... if you want any info on cloth diapers... let me know. i'm doing it and i love it. which reminds me, need to throw a load in!


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