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August 24, 2011

The Baby was rattled

I will not tell a lie...  Yesterday when the DC area was hit with a 5.8 - we were startled. My heart was racing. It's been a while since I've felt a shake or even a tremor, but I've been through some of the big ones in southern California. Being born and raised in Cali, you know they can hit at any time. I've been asleep, in the shower, on the toilet, or just hanging around when they hit and I drop whatever i'm doing and hit that doorway as fast as my little legs can go...

But yesterday was different. I was in my bedroom pinning up some things on the wall. The TV was on, my mom was out on our 6th floor balcony and we were minding our own business. Then i heard rattling. Something was making the walls shake, but Juneau just kept chillin' on the bed next to me. So i went to the laundry machine. I figured we over filled it and it was tilted and making a fuss. Nothing. Came back to the bedroom and its still kinda going.

It got a little stronger and that's when I knew it was unmistakeably an earthquake. I didn't want to believe it. Earthquakes don't happen in DC. I'm not in Cali anymore... JIGGA WHAAAAAA....

My mom ran in from the balcony and she's like "isn't this an earthquake?" also in disbelief. And i'm like it has to be and we just stood in my bedroom doorway. Juneau still chillin' on the bed. Kota chillin' on the couch... both with their heads raised b/c we were freaking out.

And yes, while in Cali a 5.8 is just something that happens from time to time. Here... on the east coast, it is not! The element of surprise/shock and the fact that it was a 5.8 (no small quake by any means) definitely stirred the city up.

Most people were sent home b/c buildings had to check for structural damage. The city shut down. And while this is laughable back home in Cali, let's keep in mind, our buildings are built to withstand earthquakes. And with all the lawyers that live in this city, liability is a huge concern.

But we are ok... damage in our condo was one picture frame fell off the entertainment center and our file cabinet drawers opened - so minimal would be an exaggeration. And that's why this photo entertains me... you've probably seen it around
Titled: DC Earthquake Devastation - Source
Hopefully others who felt it are all ok! It is just nuts that there was an earthquake out this way. I thought we left that behind us back in Cali with all the good food! LOL :)


  1. Whew! I'm just glad we're all OK. That was the strongest quake I can remember since the Northridge in 1994, and I got so annoyed yesterday with all the native Californians saying that quakes of this size are "nothing" in Cali. Though they're definitely more common out there, I don't think California has had a quake that big in quite a while. And you're right about the buildings out here. I thought our brick high-rise was on it's way down!

  2. i love that you said "jigga whaaaa" lol. made me "LOL" for realz. i dont know how you could have lived in cali. i'm too scared to live anywhere near earthquakes. i'm in texas and originally from south texas (yay hurricanes) but now moving to central texas i have to deal with tornadoes too. btw, i love that pic with the caption. saw it yesterday and busted out laughing :)


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