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September 19, 2011

2011 Engagement & Jewelry Study

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Some big trends for the year?
-          Majority of Grooms’ Ring Selection Not Affected by the Economy.
Only 14% of grooms claimed to have downsized the engagement ring due to the economic climate. In fact, one in four grooms spent more than he originally budgeted.
-          Customization Is Key.
Whether they completely designed the ring on their own with a jeweler or made custom changes to an existing design, approximately two out of five grooms (41%) are choosing to add personal elements to the engagement ring.
-          Alternative Metals Increasingly Popular for Grooms.
Although white gold is still the most popular wedding band metal, with approximately one in three grooms (34%) choosing it, alternative metals are becoming increasingly popular. In 2011, 27% of grooms chose tungsten (up from 19% for grooms married in 2008) and 16% chose titanium (up from 13% for grooms married in 2008).
-          Tradition Is Making a Comeback.
The majority of grooms are taking tradition to heart when they propose. In fact, 77% of grooms proposed on bended knee (compared with 70% in 2009) and 71% asked the bride’s parents for permission (compared with 62% of grooms engaged in 2008) before popping the question.
-          Proposals are Becoming More Public.
While a proposal’s always a private moment, they’re increasingly becoming more public affairs. In 2009, 68% of grooms proposed privately, while that number dropped to just over half (57%) in 2011. Perhaps that’s why 43% of grooms meticulously planned the proposal down to the last detail and only 10% of grooms “winged” it.
-          Man-gagement Rings Are the New Trend.
Brides aren’t the only ones with engagement rings these days. Grooms are now opting to wear “man-gagement” rings; 5% of grooms wear an engagement ring along with the bride.


  1. Wow! Thanks for posting this, I'm definitely going to share this with my friends.

  2. I am a fan of tungsten rings and it seems there is an increase in popularity. I do understand white gold is more traditional.

    This is very informative and I am glad to see men are becoming more traditional.

  3. Proposals have indeed come a long way from its traditional secret kind of way. People now are more adventurous and lots of uniqueness and styles of surprise is really up to the ladies out there.

  4. I've seen greatly planned proposals and engagements which leaves tears of joy to the person you love, but if you're one of the guys that has no time to go to a jewelry shop to choose the perfect ring, there are online jewelry store nowadays to make it easier for you.

  5. I think it is great that engagments are changing just a little. I think it is great for a man to have a ring, letting the world know he is off the market!

  6. A simple gold ring will do the trick if your really in love. Thanks.

  7. I agree with you the customization is the key. I designed our wedding rings and my husband loves it. We found a great online jewelry store that materialized our designs.

  8. I like the idea of man-gagement rings. This will allow them to show to the public that they are committed and about to get married. Engagement rings may cost a lot so it's practical to use simple wedding rings.

  9. Statistics don't matter to a man who plans to settle down. They would not mind the economy as long as they give what best for their ladies.

  10. This is a very comprehensive post about jewelry. It's a bit surprising that majority of groom's ring selection are not affected by the economy.

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  11. For as long as something is special, people are less likely to downsize for economic reasons. This is also an indication of dedication to another person or an event.

  12. These are indeed the trending events last year and I am pretty sure that this will continue further more. People most especially men don't actually settle for cheap jewelries like engagement rings. However, many are still using sterling silver jewelry to show their true love.

  13. I have to agree with you that customization is a key. A custom-made ring is really special. Engagement ring symbolizes love and commitment, it just make sense to make the ring special.

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  14. Man-gagement rings are on the up eh? Does that mean we'll be seeing more women proposing to men instead of the usual other way around?


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