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September 15, 2011

A clean bill of health

so far! Below is a picture of the report from our ultrasound!

Woohoooo! And while this doesn't mean 100% the baby will have no issues, it is a good sign for the present.

But how did I get this report?

It never hurts to ask is my motto.

I was unhappy with only five images given to us by the ultrasound tech. I knew there were several more and was hoping for a full body image and so the dissatisfaction settled in and Tuesday morning, I called the radiologist (to my husband's dismay).

I spoke with a very nice person and sweetly explained my situation... "I know this is an odd thing to ask, and being a first time mom, I think i'm over zealous - but I got five images and was hoping to get a few more. I don't know if you can help me, but if you can, you would make my week!!!"

And he was kind enough to send me all images AND the report. This was nice b/c the ultrasound techs simply said "everything looks good" but did not specify what that meant.

Turns out, that means "no apparent fetal abnormality". Also, there is no sign of the placenta dropping near the cervix (placentia previa) and my placenta is located posteriorly which was noted as well.

So simply by asking, I got all these images and all this info simply by asking and I'm so glad I did!

Here's a couple more baby images, some are animal image like and others are indiscernible.
a Little whale like... but the spine

The baby kicking his/her leg away as s/he made a move to get away from the sonogram device

Head, tummy and hand... :)

Baby's heartbeat at 150

The baby was lying down and kind of thrusted his/her chest up, which showed the aortic candy can shaped valve...

Sure most of the images we received, I can't tell heads or tails from - but the fact that I have all this info and images at my fingertips makes me sooooooo giddy!

I'm so thrilled to have a clean bill of health for our little one, since we didn't do any testing, I won't lie - i was started to stress and get worried! Yay FryBean! :)


  1. Yay for healthy baby! Good for you for speaking up and asking for what you want!

  2. How awesome that they gave you all that extra info and that you asked for it! They should give it to you whenever you want, since that's their job. I'm glad to hear the baby's healthy!

  3. Congratulations! I'm so far behind the times!

  4. i'm so glad there are no abnormalities and that you got more pictures! sounds like you had a great week ;)


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