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September 14, 2011

Baby Fry's Gender

So as i indicated in yesterday's Big Ultrasound post, the student tech started to refer to our baby as "HE" midway through her examination.

But I also saw a distinct HAMBURGER. Yes, it was almost too perfect of a hamburger, like an cartoon outline of a hamburger, or a video game hamburger. And yes, I confess I did not see it nestled between two legs... but did i also mention, the minute i saw our baby on the tv monitor, i instantly felt "GIRL!!!"  So was I imagining things?

Well after telling the Husband about the hamburger thing, he quickly responded "But you thought the heart was our baby's ASS!!!"

Touche ... he is correct.  I did think the Heart whilst it was not beating was our  Baby's Bottom, and it was a heart... LOL

(And just fyi, I did check sonograms online and none of the "hamburgers" i saw on girl sonograms was like the "hamburger" that I saw LOL. So maybe i was seeing things?)

So what do you think?  and if you are curious about the baby's heartbeat, it is typically between 120-150, usually staying in the 130-140 area and occasionally over 150.

So thoughts?

Well, here is our baby's gender... (click the link for reading after the jump)

In this sealed envelope... not opened yet!!! I wonder if we can hold out!!! Take the poll on the right side of the blog page to vote on whether we should open it or not :)


  1. I think you're having a boy but that's because it seems every pregnancy blog I read the baby ends up being a boy so I think there is something in the water! I would definitely open that envelope and find out! But I'm really impatient. haha

  2. I think it's a boy, since she made the mistake of saying "he." If I were you and wanted to wait, and someone made a mistake like that, I'd be so mad! But of course I think you should do whatever you want -- wait or not. I know I could never wait!

  3. i'm with heather. i think maybe it's a boy. BUUUT sometimes moms just KNOW what the sex is without realizing, so maybe it IS a girl. i think you should totally open it though. i'm so impatient however, so if you guys can hold out then more power to you!


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