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September 12, 2011

Baby Watch: 21 Weeks

A lot more movement this past week and less back pain! YAY!!! While my weight gain at this point is a little less than 9 lbs, I feel like all I've been doing is eating :) Not too bad for a girl with an endless appetite.

Here is our 20 week stats:

Source: Baby Center


  1. Glad to hear you've been having less back pain and are feeling more movement! How exciting! How much longer until they're able to tell the gender?

  2. yayyy less back pain! i'm so happy for you! and hey that's great you really haven't gained much :) i think it's cool to keep reading how the baby develops. i always look forward to these posts :)

  3. i gained 10lbs by 12 weeks! glad you're doing well... btw... open the envelope! :)


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