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September 19, 2011

Baby Watch: Week 22 (inc pic)

So a little over the half way point, but i thought i'd include a comparison picture (after the jump below).  As of this morning, the weight gain has still been about 9.2 lbs  (holding steady). My back pain is still present but not too awful. And overall, with all the baby movement, we're just super happy all the time.

This weekend I did have two nights of insomnia, which led to unnecessary worries and stress due to tiredness, but I did my best to take my deep inhales and to use the mantra's I learned off the Gurmukh Prenatal Yoga CD. I also have been doing specific yoga poses that are supposed to help with labor, birth and relaxation :)

Source: Baby Center

Our time table is right on track as indicated in last week's ultrasound!

Warning: It is bare belly, for reasons I mentioned before, but its how i started taking the photos before, so to keep comparison real...

Gettin' BIG!!!!

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