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September 13, 2011

Big Ultrasound

On Monday, the 12th - the Husband and I trekked over to finally get a glimpse at our beautiful baby. Since we abstained from the Nuchal Translucency test, (which i regret since that meant missing out on seeing the baby again at 12 weeks) we hadn't seen the baby since week 10, and that was just a quick blur. I was very excited to say the least, but I was very nervous. Having opted out of early testing, we were told this big ultrasound would indicate with a little more assured-ness any abnormality, so I was nervous. My stomach started gurgling while we waited for our appointment. My husband was calm as he said "nothing is wrong with our baby, don't worry". I, on the other hand, not so calm... and its easy to say be calm, and another to be calm ... but i tried to let the excitement of seeing our baby on the screen take over - and it did.

Our appointment went well overall. While we were in there for quite some time, the baby decided not too cooperate. I looked at the husband and said "No denying this child is yours, so uncooperative!!!"

At the very beginning, we told the student tech that we did not want to be told the sex, but to please right it down on an index card, fold it, and then put it in the envelope (which we provided of course). 

We started off with a student technician. She had 30 minutes and then her supervisor would come in to take over. She asked if we did any other testing earlier and we said "no." She seemed very confused and asked us why. We simply said, we were told that those tests were merely statistics that without an amnio wouldn't tell us anything and that this big ultrasound should indicate with better precision if we really did need an amnio. She just nodded her head.

Our baby was breech, which we were assured could change many times til the end of the pregnancy. The baby's head was right below my belly button which made a good visual hard. While checking out the heart, the spine kept creating a shadow. And with all that movement, the student tech had a hard time to get measurements. But alas, she got most of them. However, because our child was being so uncooperative, i laid on my left side while we awaited the supervisor tech.

Halfway through, the student tech started referring to the child as "He".

Before she stepped out again, she asked "so are you pro life?" because she was still confused about why we didn't do any early testing. After she left, that made me worried. I didn't understand why it was such a big deal that we didn't.

Then the supervisor tech came in and tried again with the heart. The supervisor tech was able to get some more measurements but it took some maneuvering. At one point, i went to my right side to give the tech better access and hopefully encourage the baby to move. The little one was squirming so much that towards the end of that 90 minutes, the baby went into child's pose and just laid there.

The student tech asked the supervisor tech "did you see down there?" and the supervisor tech said "yes, i already did". However, later she did go over that area again and asked "you guys don't want to know but do you want to see that area?" I said "well, if you need to that's fine, but we don't need to." HOWEVER, i got a glimpse of something.

A distinct Hamburger. A perfect little outline of a hamburger. Almost too perfect. And not in between legs either. Hmmm... (they say if you want to know your baby's sex, a girl would be like a hamburger bun and a boy would be like a turtle) was I imagining things?

The Dr. then came in and the techs left. The Dr. wanted to get a better glimpse of the heart since the baby's squirming made it difficult to see the heart valves. She was very nice and we finally got all the images of the heart that indicates a HEALTHY and beautiful heart!

Now if you have been through an ultrasound, you know that sometimes they zoom out and sometimes they zoom in. At one point, the Dr. zoomed in and I still thought i was seeing an overall glimpse of the baby. I said, "Is that the butt?" and the Dr. responded "No, its the heart!" and once the "butt" started beating, i instantly knew it was the heart too. 

So there you have it. We had a beautiful hour and a half of just watching our baby squirm and protest. They sent us home with five images, of only one I really liked.

a perfect little head. Also in the image is the fetal nasal bone, which i later googled to learn that an absence of such could indicate Down's or Turner's.

The feets (i think both are visible?) Is there something between those legs?

A clenched fist and arm, with a slight image of the face.

A nice top image of the face. A bit skeletor like, but apparently this is normal.

A blurred image of the face, kind of looks like a ghostly skeletor.
During the appointment, I also was told that the placenta was posterior implanted, so towards the back of my uterus (towards my back) which could indicate why i got the bubbles so early and can feel the kicks and punches of my little one which are becoming more and more frequent! We were also told the weight and length, but neither one of us wrote it down - so i can't remember it. :(

Overall, the appointment was ok. I think I was hoping for more information but that's the type of person I am. Constantly probing for more info! I wish they had sent me home with a full body image or other images, b/c i know we took so many more - but I am happy we got to see the baby for as long as we did.


  1. Glad the baby looks healthy! We had a bit of a hard time with out little guy getting in the right position to check some stuff too. So are you planning to wait until the baby is born to find out the gender?? You have far more willpower than I do!!

  2. Claire has always loved to pose for pictures, so we didn't have any problems with her. :) And we got a total Darth Vader shot, so I know what you mean.

  3. I'm glad to hear the baby is doing well! And that's so cool you're waiting to find out the sex. I'd never have the patience to wait!

  4. i love that youre waiting to find out the sex! are you going to have a gender reveal party?


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