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September 01, 2011

How will your other children react

and by other children, (specifically for me), I mean Fur-babies to the newest member of your family?

This was on my mind last night as I drifted off to sleep. The Husband and I have certain patterns that are puppies are part of. Later at night, as I get ready for sleep, Kota and I hang out on our bed. I watch TV and he curls up and lays with me.

During this time, Juneau will leave the comforts of our bed and come out to the living room to hang with Daddy. This is Daddy-Juneau time.

And here is Kota barging in on Daddy-Juneau time on Tuesday night, he just plopped down ON Juneau, and June was not too thrilled!

We have our habits. But this will soon change. And I wondered, how will this effect our fur-babies ?

Juneau, we feel knows about the impending change. (read here about his moment where he put his paw on my belly!) But Kota we believe either is in denial or doesn't know.

Kota doesn't mind children, but he does mind the pulling of ears and tails. Very rarely, if ever will he get upset, but he usually finds a nice quiet area to just make himself invisible. If a toddler comes up to him, he will just sit patiently for the kid to get bored and leave.

Juneau on the other hand, is very protective of our nieces. He is proactive. In their face, literally, due to his size and if they grab on his tail he makes noise just b/c he is a talker, but he would never be mean.

So our biggest fears with the pups... Juneau getting worried if the baby is crying and try to help. And by help, I mean maybe pick the baby up? I did hear of an Native American Indian Dog doing just that (Read here). Juneau will be very very protective, which can be both a good and bad thing. Lucky for us we have no secluded wooded area close by.

Kota will be apathetic, or seemingly so. With his older age (7.5) he gets more and more ornory with each passing day. So he'll probably just sit on his perch and stare out the window... Which is not good b/c i do want him to love the baby, but perhaps when the baby is really young, this is best.

How do you think your other children or furbaby(s) may react to the newcomer in your family? Or how has this adjustment been for you if its already happened? I'm so curious to know if your children/furbaby(s) adjusted easily !!!


  1. We have two cats and a puppy. Our oldest cat who is 14 pretty much ignores everything so I think he will ignore the baby too. Our 3 year old cat is a mama's boy and is always wanting to be with me. I think he knows I'm pregnant b/c he's been extra lovey towards me, not sure he's gonna like the baby. We got our puppy when I was already pregnant so she doesn't know any different, she's such an attention whore right now that having a baby may be tough on her but she loves other kids and never tries to hurt them.

  2. This is something I've thought about with our kitties for when we have kids. Since I'm home during the day, our cats are used to getting all my attention, which would definitely change once a baby entered the picture. They also like to pounce on our feet under blankets, which makes me worry that they'd try doing that to the baby, too. I love them, though, and they'll always be my first babies!


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