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September 11, 2011


As we all know, 10 years ago terrorist attacked our country. Under the guise of religion, these terrorist forever changed the path our country and this world went on from that day 9-11-01. People of every color, every religion and every class were affected.

10 years ago today, I was laying in bed sleeping. It was barely 6am in California and my life was consumed with the LSAT test and LSAT classes. I had just finished grad school and life was honky dory. 10 years ago today, that changed.

Listening to the stories of those who survived the attacks, or lost loved ones still brings instant tears and heartache. While its already been 10 years, its still very fresh in many of our minds. For me, I take the tragedy that struck as a reminder that we need to cherish every day, put aside petty trivial issues and focus on the important things in life. While our politicians fight and bicker, I hope that today will remind them that we are ONE NATION. We have women and men fighting abroad and at home DAILY to keep America safe, so let's not forget about those who are brave every day of their lives, here and abroad.

Don't forget. Always remember. And live each day to the fullest b/c we have women and men sacrificing EVERY day to make our lives here in the States what it is.

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  1. Beautiful post and so important to remember today and always. I was just 17 in California when the attacks happened, but I thought about them every day when I worked on the Hill, knowing there were people there who lost loved ones at the Pentagon and whose lives were surely saved by the brave men and women aboard Flight 93. I will never forget.


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