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September 20, 2011

Silly Things Daddy Says {#4}

Hubby to me: "why don't we do that gender reveal thing you wanted? I can bake the cake!"

Me: "You can't, we'd have to take it to a baker to bake us the cake!"

Hubby: "Why? I can Put paper (that has the gender written on it) without looking on it inside the cake and bake it."

Me: "Honey, you don't bake the paper. You take it to a baker and he bakes you a cake with pink or blue cake or icing on the inside and gender neutral on the outside, so when you cut the cake together, that's how you know girl or boy."

Hubby: "ohhh...."

Me: sigh....


  1. That's funny. My brother asked us if we were going to have a "sex party" after a minute I was like "you mean a gender reveal party" hahaha. Men!

  2. awww he's too cute! that's sweet though that he wanted to help at least!

  3. Congrats Amy! I haven't been online for a while..and came over to see whats been going on... Im preggo too :) Im 12 weeks! I'll definitely be reading up on your posts!!!!! Yes, do a gender reveal party..we are.. with just family and super close friends.. something small and intimate :) Doing it over Thanksgiving!


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