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October 13, 2011

Baby Shower {CA-Friends & Family}

So here are a just a few photos from the shower of some family and friends :)
My Aunt, My Niece and ME - Aunts are the bomb!

Posing at my seat with the baby balloon!

Didn't realize how big i was until i saw this photo.

Cousins and our Aunt

Little Owen wanted to be Morgan's friend

And he wouldn't take "no" for an answer

Adorable Ava
The measuring Game... hmmm

let's see who was right.... better to guess too big or too little?

Clothespin Game

My Mom and Niece playing the clothespin game!

Me & My niece

My HS ladies and the next generation (My friend on the right is due in a couple months, you can't even tell!)

SHHS '95

My girl Suz. Came early to help my SIL set up !! :)

A very close and wonderful friend, Barb!!!

My lovely mom and ME!

Owen, My ladies from West Texas (my friend on the left is due the day before me!) and ME!

My friend Becky :)

Michelle, Lauren & ME!
I'm sure you can tell from the pics how much fun we have, and i'm sure i have more pics to share - but for now... i've added just a few feel good pics that make me smile to know FryBean is so loved already! :)


  1. You look beautiful, girl! Looks like everyone had a blast!

  2. Looks like a great party and I love your dress! I love the onesie banner that is hanging up, very cute!

  3. you look SO pretty! i love the dress with the cute sash :) it looks like it was such a fun shower. you are very loved by your family :)

  4. very nice
    heels, so you. ^^ gotta be fashionable


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