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October 10, 2011

Baby Watch: Week 25

So this week was tiring. After travel to and from CA and long work days, it definitely took me a while to get back on my feet. But all the vitamin C and washing my hands helped to keep me from getting sick while traveling - Thank Goodness.

I'm starting to have to be very careful how I walk or move. I am still getting used to this bump so can't slither through small places or between chairs like i used to, and the other night i was ironing, and burned my belly on the ironing board!! Yikes. So that's something I have to be more aware of.

Aside from that, everything is going smoothly and as i complete my week 24 and enter into week 25, I'm excited for an upcoming trip to Indiana :)

Appropriately, this week - our baby is the size of CORN!
Source: Baby Center

And to the few readers I have, I want to apologize for not visiting your blogs lately, I plan to catch up - i promise. So please be patient with me! :)


  1. Wow time is really moving fast now huh? I agree that the new belly takes some getting use to when manuvering around.

  2. Glad you're getting to travel and that everything's going well! I can imagine the bump must take a lot of getting used to, though.

  3. yay baby fry is the size of corn! have fun getting used to the belly. don't burn yourself anymore!


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