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October 18, 2011

Butt? Head? Leg? what is THAT?

So last night, I was going to check the baby's heartbeat... just for fun. With all the movement lately, I haven't been doing it, so i figured why not. But as i was laying down on the bed with my knees hanging off the side, I had to bend up a little to put the gel on my belly. That half laying pose made me see something SUPER weird... like a butt or a head or something shaped into the center of my belly.... It was the coolest most alien weird thing ever and I loved it. I took a few pics... and I will share them all, but the bare belly ones will only come after the jump b/c i don't want to traumatize y'all...
This is me just laying... a normal belly, rounded.

Here I am half bended, and you can see the roundedness turns into more of a hill right at the center. SO WEIRD

Isn't that trippy? I don't know which body part this is but its so alien like ... but at the same time so cool to me. Have any of you experienced something like this yet? To see more, it the read more link below... those are bare belly, so if it will offend please don't...

See how it isn't a smooth roundedness but an abrupt steepness right at the belly button?
Isn't that a trip?


  1. That happens to me too multiple times a day, right by my belly button and also on my right side under my ribs. Not sure if it's his head or tush but it's definitely weird/cool. I can also now feel and see what I think are his arms or legs poking out.

  2. so weird but cool. it's funny how much your body changes when pregnant.


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