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October 07, 2011

Celebrating my Daddy's Birthday

Last weekend, we got to celebrate my father's birthday! It was a long over due celebration and I was so excited that we could be there for this occasion. We flew into CA for two reasons last weekend, and my father's birthday was one of them. We had dinner reservations at Summit House in Fullerton, CA after buying my dad his birthday present :)

Here are a few photos from the evening...

Here we are before entering the restaurant. I don't know why i'm standing so awkwardly, but i was feeling large and in charge LOL... 

a photo from the dinner table post-entree! I had a wonderful fish called the John Dory! Delicious!

My dad had a few glasses of wine and was very jolly ... you can see his happiness in the photo below when they brought him his dessert!

And blowing out the candle!
Friday evening was just the start of a great weekend, and i'm so happy we were there to celebrate my father's special day!

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